I am a student of the Qur’aan. From time to time, I post my findings during the course of my studies, in this blog.

Mohammad Shafi



  1. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله
    Dear Shafi saheb U R rightly quoted;”The proliferation of human knowledge, combined with the divinely endowed human intelligence, became sufficient for people to recognise the Absolute Solitary Power” but what about Muslim Ummah they are as still ignorant of Qura’anic knowledge

    Mohammad Shafi responds:
    Ummah that is ignorant the Qur’aan does not deserve to be called Muslim.

  2. It is a tough statement of Shafi Sb.
    It is our duty to find ways to teach them (Ummah) Quran in their language i.e simple HINDI (Hundustani) instead of Persianised/Arabanised URDU. How to teach them is a real Question.We should ask ALL to give their input in this regard, irrespective of high or low caliber suggestions.

    • Could you elaborate? What ‘tough’ statement are you commenting on?

      • I commented on Shafi Sahib statement, “Ummah that is ignorant the Qur’aan does not deserve to be called Muslim.”
        It is a tough comment as far as I am concern. it might not be so for you.
        I am interested in teaching Quran in their native language for Urdu/Hindi speaking community as my field of work is North India.

      • Part of belief in Islam is that the Creator imposes nothing beyond human capacity. So there is nothing tough about understanding the Qur’aan. One has only to have the will.

  3. I feel a useless discussion has started. Hence, this subject is closed as far as I am concern.

    • My ‘tough’ statement is not antigonistic to what you wish to do. Both are complementary. You teach your people there in their native language and tell them the Qur’aan is easy to learn if they have the will and that the learning is necessary for them to become full-fledged Muslims.

  4. Allah is the teacher of the Quran and the Quran is easy to understand. If someone does not understand as stated in the Quran man is like being deaf and blind. They are not open to the wonders of the Quran.

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