Posted by: mjaga | July 15, 2015

The Twelve

1.    Most Muslims may be aware of there being numerous astonishing numerical evidences of the Qur’aan being divine and not man-made. I too had read about it innumerable times, but had not brought myself to personally verify any of those.

2.    But, some days back, I did physically do the counting job on one such evidence. The word I chose was shahr, the Arabic equivalent for month. My information was that this word in singular occurred exactly twelve time in the entire Qur’aan to correspond with the twelve months in a year.

3.    Needless to say, I was not disappointed! The word shahroccurred in Verses 2:185 (twice), 2:194 (twice), 2:217, 5:2, 5:96, 9:36, 34:12 (twice), 46:15 & 97:3. Twelve times, totally!

4.    What’s so great about it, you may ask. The greatness in this is that the Qur’aan was revealed to Prophet Muhammad, bit by bit, during a long and extended period of 23 years in the seventh century AD. People in those days had no means to keep count of every word occurring in the Holy Book. There were no printing presses, not even paper – leave aside the modern-day computer! This counting could only be done then by Allah Almighty, and not by man. And this evidence came to light only recently, when man could have access to modern techniques.

5.    And this is not the only numerical evidence! There are far too many of them to be humanly possible for a Book, produced in the 7th century, to have. Click here to know more about this. One cannot dismiss an avalanche of such evidences as mere coincidences.

Mohammad Shafi

Author of Qur’aanic Studies

9th July 2015


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