Posted by: mjaga | February 15, 2015

Dedicated to all Human Beings on Trial here on this Earth

In the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful

Salamun alaykum, brothers/sisters,

            I do believe in One Creator – Whom, as a Muslim, I call Allah – of the entire universe and of everything therein. I do believe that the Qur’aan is the Creator’s Book of Guidance for every human being to follow diligently in his/her life. I do believe that the Creator will resurrect every human being to a second, everlasting life after his/her death in this life. I do believe that a human being, who has fashioned his/her earthly life on divine Guidance given in the Qur’aan, will be placed in Paradise after resurrection. Life in Paradise will be all enjoyment and no suffering. I do believe that those who do not abide by the Guidance will perennially suffer in Hell.

            And I do ardently wish that none of my fellow human beings suffer in Hell. I do ardently wish therefore that they study the Qur’aan and abide by the Guidance therein – for their own good.

            I have recently finished my own studies of the Qur’aan, and I have recorded these online. I do not claim that these studies are absolutely faultless. All human efforts are bound to contain some or the other fault. That which is divine could only be faultless. And I offer my studies to anyone who would like to go through them as only a help towards his/her own studies of the Qur’aan. If anyone thereby gets motivated to initiate his/her own studies of the Book, I shall feel richly rewarded. I ask for no other reward from my fellow humans.

            The link to my Qur’aanic Studies is: It covers the entire Qur’aan, with cross-references made immediately accessible. That is an advantage available for online readers. Readers may also like to visit my website INVITATION TO SALVATION whereat the same studies are available Manzil-wise. The site contains all my other writings as well. The site is freely accessible.

Allah bless you all,

Mohammad Shafi


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