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Bless the Prophet

Qur’aanic Verse 33:56:



56. Inna Allaha wamala-ikatahu yusalloona AAala alnnabiyyi ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo salloo AAalayhi wasallimoo tasleeman


56. Indeed, Allah and His angels bless the Prophet. O you who believe! Bless him and greet him nicely.11

Study Note:

11. Please note that in Verse 43 above, the Qur’aan tells us that Allah and His angels bless the believers. So there is nothing special in the divine blessing on the Prophet as expressed in Verse 56 here. And as for the divine command here for the believers to bless the Prophet, no special significance need be construed in this too. The Prophet had been sent to this earth on a mission. The believers were bound to wish him well in his onerous mission. And by blessing him as directed, the believers did nothing but wish him well and pray to Allah for the success of his mission. But this simple direction has been taken completely out of its context and given a meaning that smacks of shirk. Now, when centuries have passed by after the Prophet had accomplished his mission by Allah’s grace, the believers are required to utter the blessing mandatorily every time he is mentioned in speech or in writing. Otherwise, it would be a grave sin! The Authority for this? The man-influenced and error-prone ahaadeeth of course, and not the Allah-given and Allah-protected Qur’aan, which is Allah-guaranteed to contain everything necessary for conducting a pious life on this earth.

 The above is an extract from Qur’aanic Studies Manzil V, which will soon, inshaAllah, be published on Amazon Kindle. Manzil IMabzil II,  Manzil III and Manzil IV of the series are already published.

Mohammad Shafi



  1. What is DAROOD or SALAWAAT?

    The word DAROOD is not Arabic. The word SALAWAAT is Arabic. It is usually
    believed that if we read SALAWAAT on Muhammad [p.b.u.h] for a certain number of
    times, our sins will be forgiven, so on and so forth.

    If we see Quran, we come to know that it is not only human beings who are to do
    SALAWAAT but Allah, His angels as well as the prophet [p.b.u.h] also do
    SALAWAAT on human beings.

    Please see the following:

    Allah’s SALAWAAT on human beings

    2:156 When a calamity befalls them, they do not waver. Rather, they say, “We
    are for Allah, dedicated to His Cause and every step of ours will advance in
    the Direction shown by Him.” (9:159).

    2:157 It is they on whom is SALAWAAT from their Lord [i.e. whom their Lord
    supports] and blesses with His Grace. And it is they, they who are guided to
    the most desirable destination.

    The above verse clearly indicates that SALAWAAT can also be on human beings
    from Allah. Now does this mean that Allah reads for a certain time SALAWAAT on
    people? It does not make sense.

    Rasool’s SALAWAAT for human beings

    9:103 Accept their contribution for the community. Purify their thoughts with
    proper education and training so that their “Self” may grow. SALLI ALAIHIM
    [i.e. Help/support/appreciate them!] Your SALAWAAT [i.e.
    support/appreciation/help] is a great source of peace in their hearts. Allah is
    Hearer, Knower.

    In the above verse Allah has ordered Muhammad [p.b.u.h] to do SALAWAAT on human
    beings. Does this mean that Muhammad [p.b.u.h] reads SALAWAAT on people for a
    certain number of times? It does not make sense.

    Allah’s and His Angels’ SALAWAAT on human beings

    33:43 He it is Who bestows His blessings upon you, and supports you [YUSALLI
    ALAIKUM], and His angels, that He may bring you forth from darkness into the
    Light. And Merciful is He, indeed, to those who attain belief.

    In the above verse Allah and His angles do SALAWAAT on momineen. Does this mean
    that Allah and His angels reads SALAWAAT on people for a certain number of
    times? It does not make sense.

    SALAWAT of human beings for RASOOL

    9:99 And among the Bedouins are those who believe in Allah and the Last Day and
    consider their spending as a means towards Allah and a means of
    SALAWAAT-E-RASOOL [i.e. supporting the Messenger]. This will raise their ranks
    with Allah. Allah will embrace them with His Mercy. Verily, Allah is Forgiving,

    The above verse explains the concept of SALAWAAT by describing “Spending” as a
    means of “support”.

    Now see the most commonly referred verse according to which momineen should do
    SALAWAAT on Muhammad [p.b.u.h]

    33:56 Verily, Allah and His angels bless the Messenger and support his Mission
    [YUSALLOONA]. O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Support his
    Mission [SALOO ALAIHI] in total submission.

    Consider all the above verses and decide yourself.

    Is SALAWAAT just from Momineen for Muhammad [p.b.u.h]?

    The answer is no.

    The SALAWAAT is also from Allah to human beings.

    The SALAWAAT is also from Muhammad [p.b.u.h] for human beings.

    So when Allah does SALAWAAT on human beings, Does He read something for a
    certain number of times on human beings?

    SALAWAAT is not reading something for a certain number of times but practically
    doing something i.e. supporting Muhammad’s [p.b.u.h] mission by whatever means
    we can.

    SALAWAAT is not something that should be a bone of contention whether there
    should be a SALAWAAT before azan or not. It has an utterly different meanings
    and objectives.

  2. how did you deduce from above ayaat that the blessings should stop after Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him passed away from this world ?

    and do Allah and his Angels not bless Prophet Muhammad any more?

    what kind of twisted logic you use to justify your misguided stupidity ?

    • The stupidity lies in thinking that it is mandatory to bless the Prophet every time he is mentioned in speech or in writing. The Prophet is referred to on numerous occasions in the Qur’aan, but Allah Ta’ala does not mention His blessings on every such occasion. HE has mentioned His blessings on the Prophet only once.

    • Salawat
      One must understand that all prophets came to this world only with a mission to bring about sea change in the morality of the nation and uplift them from ignorance, poverty and sufferings.. For this they brought about a number of ordinances for the betterment of the nation.
      So also Prophet (Sal) brought many changes in the society (Ref 7:157) and momins are asked to obey his commandments. Therefore the above verse only means that Prophet (Sal) gets full support from Allah and Malaika (Natural forces created by Almighty Allah) to fulfill his mission. So Momineen are also asked to extend their full support whole heatedly.
      That is why in the next ayath (33:57) it is said : Those who malign Allah and His messager,Allah’s curse will befall on them. Here Allah stands for the Khilafath which Porphet Mohammed (Sal) brought in his country based on Allah’s Guidelines.
      The mission does not end with the passing away of Prophet. It should be continued. (See Chap 3:144) Then such blessings from Allah will follow Momineens too. (Ref 33:43) Not Not by mere utterances of Words as Dharooth.

  3. Do you say Salam to the Prophet in the tahiyyat at the end of every prayer?
    alslam aleeek ayouha alnabi wrahmatt allah wa brakato
    alslam alayeek wa ala abadek alsaleheen
    allahouma ssally ala muhammed wa ala ale mouhammed kma sallet ala abrahem wa ala alee muhammed kma sallet ala abrahem wa ala ale abrahem

    • My prayer is exclusively for Allah and I am not a polytheist

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