Posted by: mjaga | July 14, 2012

Deeply Dangerous

Prophet Muhammad’s Biography

Khushwant Singh, the grand old man of Indian journalism, is an agnostic. He is now in his late nineties, but still writes a weekly column in newspapers. He had recently written a review of the book ‘Muhammad, Prophet for Our Time’ by Karen Armstrong. It was a flattering review.

An agnostic was praising a religious leader! I was completely bowled over. I bought and read the book.

Author Karen is a non-Muslim. She does convey the obvious message that, despite tremendous odds against him, Muhammad managed to bring about a great revolution among the nondescript, largely illiterate people of Arabia. But, as I said, she is not a believer in Muhammad being a genuine, divinely ordained Prophet. And her disbelief oozes out unmistakably throughout her Book!

Reading such a book is more dangerous for a believer than reading a book that openly professes itself to be against Islam. The believer shall shun the latter, but the former shall surreptitiously and subtly attack his belief unless safely and securely anchored.

Karen’s book is therefore deeply dangerous.

Mohammad Shafi



  1. Salaam respected Agha,

    I have read Karen Armstrong’s Muhammad a biography not the prophet of our times. I actually found her more towards favouring the Prophet even when I couldn’t. I have read some of her other books too and in each she seemed to be subtly inclined toward islam than otherwise. This later prompt me to read her autobiography to see why she is favouring Islam and after reading the autobiography I understood why. I have to read ‘the prophet of our times’ before I judge her book as dangerous.


    • Why do you think Karen is favouring Islam?

  2. Knowledge

    • Sorry, I have not understood your comment.

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