Posted by: mjaga | May 31, 2012

What Nonsense!!

Qur’aanic Verse 30:25:



25. Wamin ayatihi an taqooma alssamao waal-ardu bi-amrihi thumma itha daAAakum daAAwatan mina al-ardi itha antum takhrujoona


25. And among His Signs is that the heavens and the earth stand (continue to exist as these do) by His Command.5 Then, as He gives out to you a single call, behold, you will all emerge from the earth.

Study Note:

5. We do now have an idea as to how Allah Almighty makes all the innumerable heavenly bodies – including the earth – keep to their orbits without bumping into one another. Every one of these bodies is in motion at a tremendous speed around one or the other central object. To give a simple example: a small stone tied to one end of a string being swirled around by a man holding the other end of the string. There are two forces acting on the stone: one, centripetal exerted by the man through the string and two, centrifugal exerted by the motion of stone. Through the interaction of these two forces the stone keeps to its circular motion. This simple example is given just for understanding the very complicated matter of innumerable heavenly bodies floating perfectly in their orbits. All the heavenly bodies exert their gravitational forces on one another besides! It is mind-blowing really how these myriad forces balance one another, with mathematical precision, to keep the innumerable bodies moving perfectly in their respective orbits. It is indeed a superhuman show that the Universe presents. Who else but a Being with superhuman Intelligence could have put up this gigantic show? But the atheists say it is all a matter of natural selection. All the heavenly bodies got together of their own accord as per this human (Darwin’s) Theory of Natural Selection, and, lo, we have this gigantic show to behold! What nonsense!!

 The above is an extract from Qur’aanic Studies Manzil V, which will soon, inshaAllah, be published on Amazon Kindle. Manzil IMabzil II,  Manzil III and Manzil IV of the series are already published.

Mohammad Shafi


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