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What is Jinn?

Qur’aanic Verse 27:17:



17. Wahushira lisulaymana junooduhu mina aljinni waal-insi waalttayri fahum yoozaAAoona


17. And Solomon’s armies – of Jinns5&6, of human beings, and of birds – were assembled and then they were led forth in orderly ranks before him.

Study Note:

5. The literal meaning of the Arabic word Jinn is that which is hidden, concealed or invisible from/to human eyes/understanding. It is therefore a mutashaabih word in terms of Verse 3:7, and we have to just accept whatever Allah tells us about it in the Qur’aan. To interpret the word otherwise with the limited understanding power of the human brain, as is being done by some supposedly learned persons, is reprehensible in the light of the said Verse 3:7.

6. Verse 18:50 informs us that the Satan (Iblees) is a Jinn. Verse 7:12 tells us that the Jinn is created from fire (energy), while man is created from clay (matter). Verse 18:50 also informs us that Iblees, the Jinn, disobeyed Allah. That means, like man, the Jinn too is given freedom of choice. The Qur’aan throughout, moreover, tells us that, like man, the Jinn too is being tested for being rewarded with Paradise or punished with Hell. Just as the Satan does, other bad Jinns could have a bad influence on man, without the latter being aware of it!

 The above is an extract from Qur’aanic Studies Manzil V, which will soon, inshaAllah, be published on Amazon Kindle. Manzil IMabzil II,  Manzil III and Manzil IV of the series are already published.

Mohammad Shafi



  1. Existence of JINN in the Universe

    Holy Quran not only confirms that Jinnat exist but specifically addresses them in many Aayahs in a present form as ‘O Jinn-o-Ins’. Since we all know that Holy Quran descended from Allah only 1400 years ago, is Mr. Shad claiming that Jinnat have gone extinct only in last 1400 years?

    You are quite right about the existence of JINN which still exist. for this I want to clarify:-

    It is the beauty of every language due to which one word has different meanings(concepts) but according to it context.

    For example

    Table wooden or metal
    Round table conference
    Consulting table used in the lab or workshop

    table talk conversation face to face and so on

    Same in Arabic also :-

    JINN which existed in the burning fire but vanished as the fire finished after cooling down in million years . like fish with out water. Quran tells that the earth planet was not capable to survive for the mankind. Therefore the specie JINN had the maximum potential to withstand heat. After this specie finished and came the mankind after this called KHaleefa. That specie is extinct.

    About JINN Quran has said 15/27 that we created one specie JINN before the mankind out of burning fire .

    It has another concept that The universe was in the form of energy invisible before it came /changed into matter. the same energy is still present into the matter in the from of Latent.

    JINN are all Natural forces:-

    What is natural force?
    In: Geography [Edit categories]
    natural forces are a invisible force trying to keep the world balanced. Pull and push are both natural forces so is gravity.

    Quran has addressed them MALAIKA also. Man has given them the names (which is his quality) at his own subject to their properties like:-
    • 1 Pre-Newtonian concepts
    • 2 Newtonian mechanics
    o 2.1 Newton’s first law
    o 2.2 Newton’s second law
    o 2.3 Newton’s third law
    • 3 Descriptions
    o 3.1 Equilibria
     3.1.1 Static equilibrium
     3.1.2 Dynamical equilibrium
    o 3.2 Special relativity
    o 3.3 Feynman diagrams
    • 4 Fundamental models
    o 4.1 Gravity
    o 4.2 Electromagnetic forces
    o 4.3 Nuclear forces
    • 5 Non-fundamental forces
    o 5.1 Normal force
    o 5.2 Friction
    o 5.3 Tension
    o 5.4 Elastic force
    o 5.5 Continuum mechanics
    o 5.6 Fictitious forces
    • 6 Rotations and torque
    o 6.1 Centripetal force
    • 7 Kinematic integrals
    • 8 Potential energy
    o 8.1 Conservative forces
    o 8.2 Nonconservative forces
    Every force is a chapter for the science student which needs books of clarification.

    JINN :- is a Viol ante force in every human being commonly known as SATAN which is also invisible
    you can’t see my SATAN and I can’t yours. but it exists.
    JINN All the forces in the human body like feeling,smelling power ,body current,strengths ,vision power,hearing power, thinking power, coordination of all the body system due to which it remains stable and live. Collapse of these forces and strength is death.

    JINN The people living in the remote areas seldom seen in the cities,. Whenever they visit cities are recognized by their dress,talk,culture or simplicity.

    JINN People from the remote areas had been attending the Quran classes /lectures given the last messenger(Muhammad P.B.U.H) and they used to mention that lectures to their JINN brothers in the remote areas Al Quran 72/1 , 46/ 29

    The messenger in the JINN were also out of Human being(INSAN). it is clear from the Sura JINN and AHQAF that the people came to learn Quran from the last messenger were also INSAAN.(In these Gypsies were christian,Jews and Mushrik)

    It has been mentioned in the Quran that if JINN and INSS come together will never be able to bring book like Quran..

    The Violate people of JINN and INS used to oppose the last messenger.

    Sura HAAmeem Sajida

    The people of Hell will say that we were deviated by the INS and JINN Al Quran 41/29

    Sura INAAm

    Ins will say we had been benefiting from the JINN and the JINN will say they had been benefiting from the INSS 6/129

    Sura Namal

    Messenger SOLOMAN had the groups of JINN and INSS 27/17

    These JINN had been building the Hackles. Buildings and used to carve the monuments and used to manufacture the heavy utensils and pans 34/13

    These JINN and INSS used to dive in the seas and searched the pearls out of that.21/82

    These JINN were kept tied in the chains 38/37-38

    With the above clarification from the Quran is clear that JINN were the hardworking people and INSS means the civilised people from the city areas.

    • your understanding of the Jinn and Inss is so wrong that i cant help myself in deciding which part to refute first..

      May Allah have mercy on you.

    • Let me remind you, Tufail Sahab, of what Verse 3:7 says: “… But those in whose hearts is perversity, follow the part thereof that is ‘mutashabih’, seeking discord, and searching for its hidden meanings. But no one knows its hidden meanings except Allah…”

  2. The existence of good and bad jinns has been common knowledge for quite some time. I would also like to know about the effects of witchcraft (kala jadu) and how long it can last. Secondly, since the latter certainly seems more lethal than bad jinns, what motive do bad jinns have for troubling humans?

    • Like everything in human life, Satan, other bad Jinns, kala jadu etc. are some of the things by which Allah tests us. If we hold steadfastly to the rope of Allah (the Qur’aan) all such bad things can have no permanent effect on us. There is no need for us – nor is it possible for us – to investigate the motives of bad Jinns inflicting something bad on the humans. We should remain content with the fact that Allah is our Protector.

  3. Is marriage between a man and female jinn or vice-versa is possible and permissible in Islam? Please explain in the light of Quran and Hadith.

    • Man is created of matter, and Jinn is created of energy. There is no question one species of creation marrying into another.

  4. Please refer to 6:100 where we read:

    And they make the jinn associates with Allah, while He created them, and they falsely attribute to Him sons and daughters without knowledge; glory be to Him, and highly exalted is He above what they ascribe (to Him).

    Does that not mean that Allah is referring to some people who were not only familiar with them, but regarded them as associates with Allah. The question to ak is who exactly were these “Jinn?”

    • Please do not rack your brain for the Jinn. Just accept what info Allah Ta’ala is pleased to give us in the Qur’aan. Read Verse 3:7 regarding * mutashabihat.*

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