Posted by: mjaga | February 9, 2012

Who Created the Creator?

In the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful

My book WHY DO I BELIEVE IN ISLAM is published on Amazon Kindle. A reader, while reviewing the book on the publishers’ site, said that ‘the concepts used at the first chapter of this book are arguments that have been blown away’ by Richard Dawkins.

The said Richard Dawkins, in his book The God Delusion, agrees that the extremely complex nature of all things around us does point to there being an intelligent creator behind all those things. But then, he says, the creator has necessarily to be much more complex than the things he has created! ‘Who then created this creator?’, he asks, and contends that since there could be no answer to this question, the creation concept fails. He opines that Darwin’s theory of natural selection gives a better answer to the existence of complex things around. The complex thing of an eye, for example, came into being by this process of natural selection: all the innumerable minutes things therein came together of their own volition to form the complex eye!! Dawkins, I strongly suspect, had his own strong doubts about the absolute impossibility of these innumerable minute things coming so intelligently together to form the complex eye. But Dawkins hated God. So he got hold of the proverbial drowning man’s straw of natural selection offered by the false god of Darwin.

In the very first Chapter of my above mentioned book, I had answered Dawkins’ question about who created the Creator. Here is the extract:

‘When one confronts the Evolutionists with this anomaly in their thinking, their inevitable poser is, “If there is a Creator of this Universe, who is the creator of that Creator?”

This is apparently a perplexing question. But the description of the Creator of the Universe, given in the Qur’aan and other original Books of Religion, takes the wind out of the perplexity of this question. The Creator is described in the Qur’aan as One who has been and will be everliving i.e. who has no beginning or any end. Now, a created being has necessarily to have a beginning: there ought to be a dividing line in time before which it did not exist, the dividing line being its beginning. Therefore, there is no question of any power creating the Creator of the universe, who has ever been living and ever will be. The Creator ought to be the Ultimate Cause of all things created. The chain of effect and cause has logically to end somewhere. That end is the Ultimate Cause, the Creator. I believe this conclusion is not at all unscientific.’

The reviewer of my book sorely missed the point.

Mohammad Shafi



  1. If the sequence of events involved in the evolutionary development of a species and taxonomic group of organisms is possible then evolution is a process particularly for God who was ever there than HE evolved himself to the advanced and more mature stage of being an intelligent creator

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