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The Rain – Signs Galore – 7

Qur’aanic Verse 24.43:



43. Alam tara anna Allaha yuzjee sahaban thumma yu-allifu baynahu thumma yajAAaluhu rukaman fatara alwadqa yakhruju min khilalihi wayunazzilu mina alssama-i min jibalin feeha min baradin fayuseebu bihi man yashao wayasrifuhu AAan man yashao yakadu sana barqihi yathhabu bial-absari


43. Do you not see that Allah makes the cloud move, and then creates a bond within it, and then turns it into a mass, and you see the rain coming out from its midst? 15 And He sends down hail from mountains (of clouds) in the sky afflicting therewith whom He pleases and turning it away from whom He pleases. Flash of His lightning could be so intense as to make one blind. 

Study Note:

 15. Compare this Qur’aanic description, given over 14 centuries ago, with this recent scientific discovery of how rain forms: ‘Without clouds, it would not rain. Clouds are made up of water droplets formed when warm, moist air rises high into the sky and cools. That water vapour in it condenses and forms what will become raindrops. These droplets move around in the cloud and bang into each other. As they do this, they increase in size until they are heavy enough to fall from the cloud.’ [Source]


The above is an extract from Qur’aanic Studies Manzil IV, which will soon, inshaAllah, be published on Amazon Kindle. Manzil IMabzil II & Manzil III of the series are already published.

Mohammad Shafi


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