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Jesus – a Sign

Qur’aanic Verse 21.91:



91. Waallatee ahsanat farjaha fanafakhna feeha min roohina wajaAAalnaha waibnaha ayatan lilAAalameena


91. And the lady (Mary) – who guarded her chastity, and We breathed into her of Our spirit28 and We made her and her son a sign for the worlds.29 

Study Notes:

28. The Qur’aan uses this expression for activation of every human life right from Adam (Verses 32.7 to 32.9). With our advanced knowledge of embryonic growth, we may now say that this activation takes place, at about the end of the 3rd week of conception, when the rudimentary heart of the tiny speck of life inside a womb starts beating. So this Qur’aanic expression should not be misconstrued to substantiate the Christians’ preposterous claim that Jesus was son of God.

29. Mary and her son Jesus constituted a sign that Allah Almighty can do anything. HE created Adam without His now normal tools of a man and a woman. HE created Eve without the tool of a woman. And He created Jesus without the tool of a man.


The above is an extract from Qur’aanic Studies Manzil IV, which will soon, inshaAllah, be published on Amazon Kindle. Manzil IMabzil II & Manzil III of the series are already published.

Mohammad Shafi



  1. Dear Brother,

    At another place Allah asks the idolotiers how could He have a son when He does not have a wife?

    Then we read we will not find a change in His Ways which it may be presumed to mean all His Laws (dealing with mankind and laws of nature)

    Does that not mean we should be taking another look at the interpretation of this verse like Dr Shabbir and Perwez did?


    • How would Dr Shabbir or Perwez interpret the Verse?

      • Parwez:

        “…91. And also remember the story of the chaste lady on whom (much against the self-made laws of the Jews) We bestowed a son (of the stature of) Jesus. And just as We bestow an element of divine energy on every human offspring, thereby giving it the power and authority of choice and discretion, We bestowed the same on Jesus (3:44; 19:16; 32:9). Both of them were living examples for people, showing the marked difference between decisions made in accordance with Divine Laws and those taken under man-made laws. (The self-made shariah of Jews declared them to be accursed and reprobates; whereas Allah’s shariah made them worthy of all respect.)…”

        To get the whole picture please read relevant verses regarding Jesus in Exposition of The Qu’ran by Parwez here:

    • How would they interprrt it?

  2. Dr Shabbir:

    “..21:91 And remember her (Mary) who guarded her chastity (under very adversecircumstances). We breathed into her of Our Energy, and caused her, together with her son, to become a symbol of Our grace for all people.

    [Breathing of Divine Energy = Free will for every human. 3:44, 19:16, 32:9.
    Symbol of grace = Whereas the Israelites maligned them, they were made

    To read all verses pertaining to birth and nature of Jesus please Read QXP (Quran as it explains itself) at

    • Why don’t we accept what Allah tells us in plain language? When Allah Almighty can create Adam without using the tools of either a man or a woman, Eve without the tool of a woman, why couldn’t He create Jesus without the tool of a man? To cast a doubt on the explicit divine declaration that He can do anything, is to cast a doubt on the Qur’aan. No human rationalisation is needed in interpreting Qur’aanic Verses. We have to accept the mutashabihaat even when we do not understand them by applying the normal laws of nature.

  3. Al Mohsanaat in arabic are the married women .Ahsana means to marry..
    In this verse of 21/91 shows that the Lady(Muryam) married and saved Her chastity. It is the conventional method the parent are quite satisfied after the marriage of their daughter.
    Ref 54/49, 65/3 Everything what Allah creats is as per His natural rule. REf. 23/50 And we made our sign Ibne Muryam and her mother .
    Does not mean The Muryam was given the son with out father or Muryam was given son without her husband..These mother and the son are and were the signs only because of this that Muryam had broken the old cultural rule to remain nun in the church.. Massih was the son of that Muryam nun who married and broke that self made cultural law.

  4. Thanks for your comments Br Tufail. Allama Parwez has writtne extensively about this matter, so has Dr Shabbir Ahmed and if I am not forgetting, Sir Syed.


    • When Allah Almighty can create Adam without using the tools of either a man or a woman, Eve without the tool of a woman, why couldn’t He create Jesus without the tool of a man?
      I also do not agree withthe above qoute!

      Quranic Ref:- 71/17
      !- Allah nurishes you(Umbatakum) out of the earth like biology. Because growth of the mankind is biological action..
      2-This also means Allah has spreded you on the whole earth like the branches of the tree.
      3- This also means Allah had grown you out the earth like plantation.
      Where ever the single life cell (Nafsim wahida) was present the mankind had grown there.
      This concept of the Adam and the Eva is wrong.
      First specy of the mankind was grown from the earth in the form of men and women and so the cross breeding started further and continues till now.

      • …those in whose hearts there is doubt, pursue that which is not clear to human mind (mtashaabihaat) seeking fitnah through their own explanation thereof. None knows its explanation save Allah… [Verse 3:7]

  5. Dear Brothers

    The Qur’an says it is a plain, easy to understand Book. Why would Allah declare it an easy to understand Book and then go on to say some verses are not clear? As there can be no contradiction in Allah’s Book we need to study the meaning of the word “Mutashabihat” and what it entails.

    Here is an explanatory interpretation of 3:7

    Shabbir Ahmed

    (The Book He has sent down bears an important Principle.) He it is Who has revealed to you (O Prophet) the Scripture. In it some verses are Literal, while some verses are Allegorical. The verses that pertain to Permanent Values have been presented literally. These verses, MUHKAMAT, are the Essence of the Divine Law. On the other hand, abstract phenomena, historical events, and the World of the Unseen are described in similes, metaphors and allegories for your understanding (MUTASHABIHAT). But those who are given to crookedness in their hearts pursue the allegories and try to give them literal meanings, thus creating dissension. None knows their final meaning (of such as the Essence of God, His Throne, His Book of Decree, the Eternity) but Allah. Those who are well founded in knowledge understand why the allegories have been used and they keep drawing lessons from them (74:31). They proclaim the belief that the entire Book is from their Lord. As the human knowledge evolves, many of the other allegories will unfold their literal meaning (41:53). But only the men and women of understanding will bear this fact in mind. (Each of the verses in the Qur’an is MUHKAM, Absolute Truth and you can understand which ones are to be taken literally and which ones are to be taken allegorically, by the context (11:1), (47:20). And each verse in the Book complements the other (39:23)).

    • When Qur’aan (Q) speaks of Allah’s hands, the hands here are allegorical. But on that analogy, you cannot dismiss Moses’ staff instantly turning into snake as allegorical. Similarly, you cannot dismiss divine statement that Jesus was born without any human being fathering him as allegorical. The English word ‘allegory’ does not therefore convey the full meaning of the Arabic ‘mutashabih’. Nor does ‘literal’ convey the full meaning of ‘muhkam’. Dr Shabbir’s interpretation is misleading. ‘Muhkam’ Verse is that which is clear to the human mind with its limited knowledge. ‘Mutashabih’ Verse, on the other hand, is not so clear to such a mind with its limited understanding.

  6. Dear Br Shafi

    Dr Shabbir has explained his method of interpretation clearly in the preface to QXP. Please go through it and then comment.

    That is his views. We don’t have to agree with him. No harm in reading them though.

  7. While Qura’n proclaims serveral times that you will never find any change in the Laws of Allah (Sunnathallah) – the way Almighty functions in this world vis a vis in other worlds in galaxy, we have to approach Quranic verses only based on this phenomenon.
    The creations of Natural forces are only by Almighty Allah. The study only reveals that they are functioning under un-changeable laws.
    So also the creation of Mankind Ref. Chap 30:30
    Therefore the birth of Easa nabi can never be an exception.
    Now the question haunts in the minds of our friends whether Allah is not capable of creating a child without father. The question is not at all valid. While Almighty can creat innumerable galaxies, can’t he creat a child in such a way. But the fact is that He never changes His Laws, once He enacts.
    That should be our belief!!

    • By creating Jesus without a human father, Allah has not changed His general law that a human is brought into being through sexual intercourse between a male human and a female. By so creating Jesus, He has only established His another law that He can create anything.

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