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Qur’aanic Verse 21.80:



80. WaAAallamnahu sanAAata laboosin lakum lituhsinakum min ba/sikum fahal antum shakiroona


80. And We taught him (David) how to make for you armours that fortify you in your battles. Are you then grateful? 21 

Study Note:

21. Every innovation – like the armours inspired to David in the ancient past – that has facilitated the ever-increasing ease and convenience in any field of human activity is inspired by Allah Almighty, the real Innovator of all things. HE had inspired David. HE had inspired a number of Muslims to invent many things that heralded the renaissance of the modern age. And since the Muslims ungratefully consigned the Qur’aan for just ritual reading for occasions like death anniversaries etc., he inspired non-Muslims to make the innovations. But all the innovations are in fact His! But man, in his undeserved arrogance, thinks that it is he who has done it all by dint of his brilliant intellect. He forgets that there was a time when he was nothing. He forgets that his life started as an infinitesimal speck of matter. He forgets that it was not his brilliant brain that fashioned him (including his brain to which he gives credit for all the innovations). He is utterly and shamelessly ungrateful to his Unseen Maker.


The above is an extract from Qur’aanic Studies Manzil IV, which will soon, inshaAllah, be published on Amazon Kindle. Manzil IMabzil II & Manzil III of the series are already published.

Mohammad Shafi


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