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Qur’aanic Verse 17.31:



31. Wala taqtuloo awladakum khashyata imlaqin nahnu narzuquhum wa-iyyakum inna qatlahum kana khit-an kabeeran


31. And kill not your children for fear of poverty. We give them sustenance as We give it to you. Killing them is indeed a great wrong.6


Study Note:

 6. Killing the children in mothers’ wombs (abortions), without even a medical necessity for it, is a modern day reprehensible rage.


The above is an extract from Qur’aanic Studies Manzil IV, which will soon, inshaAllah, be published on Amazon Kindle. Manzil IMabzil II & Manzil III of the series are already published.

Mohammad Shafi



  1. The word “Khathlu” also means to suppress or invalidate one’s ability, etc. Therefore Allah asks muslims not to supress the abilty of your children by sending them for job and thereby spoil their future. Allah’s Government (Khilafath) will provide sustenance to them as He has done to you. If you send them for job it will amount to killing them.

  2. The period of pregnancy and breastfeeding is 30 months (46:15)
    Time of breast feeding is 24 months (31:14)
    So the period of pregnancy will be 6months.(180 days)
    We know from modern embryology that the exact time for a normal
    pregnancy is 266 days (see 77:23).
    So the during the first 86 days (266-180), Quran does not accept the creature inside the womb to be a person(nafs).Is n’t it??

    As per 22:5 and 23:14 The four
    stages of pregnancy are (1) sperm; (2) embryo; (3)
    about four inch fetus (4) a new creature. It is clear
    that a new creation comes into existence after the 86th

    Now Killing means terminating soul from nafs.
    So what about abortion during the first 86 days???????

  3. Dear Br. Najeeb,

    You have raised a technical question, in my lay opinion, unborn is not a child though it is commonly referred to. Fear of imlaaq beigns after the breastfeeding. wallahu alam.

  4. Brother Syed Ali,
    I raised this question because some believe that Abortion during the Fisrt 3 month is permissible, But is it so???????

    The born Child in Arabic is called “Maolood” (31:33),
    Had Allah willed, he could have said, “Do not kill your Maoloods” (born children) to specify this category of children.

    The word “Walad” in arabic can be used for both the born and the unborn, Although the word “Walad” is derived from the root “Walada” (to give birth), it does not mean that “Walad” has to be born but rather related to the process of birth.

    We read in 2:226-228 and 65:4, the first 3 months of pregnancy are so important that a divorced woman will have to change her life plan if she found herself pregnant
    Women who get divorced have an interim of three months before getting married again. This is done MAINLY to see if they are pregnant or not. Allah then orders them to forget their own wishes and plans and respect the new life created in their wombs. If the first three months of pregnancy were not important Allah would have told these women not to wait and to have abortion and keep their life plans as they wish.

    The equation :
    30 months ( average of pregnancy and nursing) – 24 months ( maximum of nursing) = 6 months

    In this equation two numbers are variable and hence cannot deduct one variable from another and come up with a fixed number. , Any intelligent human being can realize that children born after only 6 months of pregnancy can survive and live to be mature adults. Children born after 6 months only of pregnancy can be nursed up to 24 months to complete the 30 months if they need to. Children born after 7,8 or 9 months may need less nursing time as we all know

    May Allah Guide us

  5. Dear Brother Najeeb,

    Killing is not an option either born or unborn. Yes. it is true that ALLAH Kareem has used different words for certain things but that does not open the door for killing as it is prohibitted at large without valid reason.

    Fetus in the womb does not become alive until 4th month but that has nothing to do with the 3 periods of Iddat. That is to know for sure whether one is pregnant or not to avoid any error in naming father.

    Two years is the limit for nursing and nursing does not start before delivery. Though milk produces from the 6th month of pregnancy. Yes, for premature the nursing time is more provided feeder does not run out of milk before that time.

    Abortion is an open question as fetus is not alive until 4th month. Wallahu alam.

  6. Here Qur’an only talks about killing of your children due to poverty. Therefore this verse can not be taken for child during pregnancy.

    Because the younger generations are the kings of future Islamic society, it is imperative that their parents take care in bringing them up as per the Islamic teachings. Pls refer Verses 2:131-133 and study how the prophets brought up their children. It is in same pattern that we muslims should birng up our young children.

    As such if the verse is taken for actual killing it is a human crime 5:45 and deserive severe punishment ref 25:68-69

  7. You may also consider
    07: 26, 27, 31, 35. 11:42.
    14: 35
    31: 13, 16, 17

    In special circumstances 12:5 & 6.

    Killing is not permitted without reason.

    Syed Ali.

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