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Cause of Muslims’ Downfall

Qur’aanic Verse 16.89:



89. Wayawma nabAAathu fee kulli ommatin shaheedan AAalayhim min anfusihim waji/na bika shaheedan AAala haola-i wanazzalna AAalayka alkitaba tibyanan likulli shay-in wahudan warahmatan wabushra lilmuslimeena


89. And One Day We will raise in every people a witness against them from among themselves, and bring you as a witness against these. And We have revealed to you the Book explaining everything19 clearly, and as a guidance, mercy and good news for those who submit. 20


Study Notes:

19. What does ‘everything’ mean here? It obviously does not mean, for example, any recipe for cooking a delicious food item. It means general principles for conduct of human life. As regards the recipe, in the example taken, Allah has obviously left it and such other things to be learnt through experiences of earlier people and personal innovations and inspirations. The divine Hand is inherent here too when a man innovates or invents a new thing. But the characteristics of discovery, innovation and invention are common to all human beings, whether one is a believer or not. Human beings are however given the choice of recognizing or denying the existence of One Supreme Creator of the entire Universe and everything therein. And the Kind Creator has provided innumerable and unending signs for mankind to make the right choice of recognizing His existence. Not only that, but He has sent Prophets and Messengers with divinely authored Books for their guidance for making the right choice and conducting life accordingly. ‘Everything’ in the Verse implies everything for this purpose of making the right choice and conducting life accordingly. On the exercise of this choice depends Man’s fate in the Hereafter. And the stake is extremely high! And Allah could have left mankind to its fate by just providing the tell-tale numerous signs in the Universe, but He is Kind and extremely Merciful to His human creatures. HE has given them, in addition, the divine Book of Guidance, the Qur’aan, as a token of Mercy from Him. Therein He has moreover given the enticement of Paradise to mankind to help them make the right choice.

20. The unequivocal divine statement here that the Qur’aan gives clear explanation of everything makes the Book the sole authoritative source and basis for Islam, the Allah-chosen way of life for entire mankind. The equal (and in some quarters even greater) importance given to the man-influenced and error-prone ahaadeeth is the cause of the downfall of Muslims. Allah Ta’ala has obviously withdrawn His Hand of Mercy from them.


The above is an extract from Qur’aanic Studies Manzil III, just published on Amazon Kindle. Manzil I & Mabzil II of the series are already published.

Mohammad Shafi



  1. Human life can be divided into two spheres.
    one – his economic conditions to meet his physical needs and
    two – his morality.
    As for the first one, Allah says that every thing has been created for you human beings see 2:29. All the creations have been created in such a way that they can be perfectly used by Man (16:10-16) If Man has to make use of them, he has to study and explore the potentialities hidden in them. Those who study them deeply are Ulemas (Scientists) Ref Chap 35:27-28) Unfortunately we muslims have set aside this portion of life. So we are economically backward not only in India but also the world over. A few may be rich and it is meaningless. Because of such status muslims faces downfall and are unable to maintain morality as per Allah’s Guidelines.

    Secondly as for the morality, the developed nations never consider the guidelines of Almighty as imporatant. Therefore all developments are misused and they move towards destructions.
    Therefore Qur’an asks Momins to be as Ummathan Wasathan 2:143 and keep the world free from illegal activities 3:110 and opt for worldly life and Hereafter life to be pleasant 2:201. Almighty replies possitively 2:202

    Allah has already given us right paths and it is for us to study and get them.

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