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Back Benchers

Qur’aanic Verse 16.13:



13. Wama tharaa lakum fee al-ardi mukhtalifan alwanuhu inna fee thalika laayatan liqawmin yaththakkaroona


13. And what He has created on the earth are of different hues and colours. There is a sign in this for a people who reflect.3


Study Note:

 3. Allah Almighty did thus inculcate the urge to think deeply over His creations mentioned in Verses 11 to 13 here. Those Muslim thinkers laid the foundation for the scientific renaissance that brought about the proliferation of modern-day knowledge. But now the Muslims have long since ceased to be the torch-bearers. They have relegated the Qur’aan to just ritual reading, and have thus become the back-benchers in modern-day societies.


The above is an extract from Qur’aanic Studies Manzil III, which will soon, inshaAllah, be published on Amazon Kindle. Manzil I & Mabzil II of the series are already published.

Mohammad Shafi



  1. Thank god you didn’t find anything in this Ayats that suggests that Ahadith are fake..

    • ……….”They insist upon following conjecture, when the guidance is given to them herein from their Lord.” (53:23)

  2. ALLAH Kareen does not want people to bear torches in discovering HIS Universe. He teaches that to whoever HE likes. The primary purpose of Humankind and Jinkind is to worship ALLAH Ta’ala.

    Science and technology is not MAN’s miracle. ALLAH does that.

  3. Think again and again. The following are some questions submitted to today’s muslims especially the followers of Ahadith / Sunnah.

    Who is believer and who is unbelievers??

    Who is carrying out the duties designed by Master Creator Allah (swt)??

    Who is acting or following Quranic guidance we are they??

    Why most of our Ahadith/Sayings of Prophet (saw) not promoting following Allah (swt)’s programmes designed, architect and delivered to us thro’ our beloved Prophet Mohammed (saw)???

    “Have not the unbelievers seen how God creates from nothing and then keeps on repeating it? There is no doubt that all this (initiation and recreation) is most easy for God. Tell them to travel through the earth and see how did God originate creation; then the same God will annihilate them and initiate a new creation. Undoubtedly, God has power over all things.” (29: 19-20). (Verse 29:19 relates to the creation in this world, and verse 20 to the Hereafter).

    “The creation of whatever is in the heights and depths of the universe and all that is in between is not without purpose . It is presumption on the part of Unbelievers who think the universe is not real . The result of denying such a great truth will be that all their efforts and achievements in life will end up in smoke.” (38:27).
    Juno leaves for Jupiter
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    The unmanned satellite observatory shot into space aboard a 197-foot-tall (60 metres) Atlas V rocket, blasting off from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida at 12:25 p.m.

    “Ignition and lift-off on the Atlas V with Juno on a trek to Jupiter, a planetary piece of the puzzle on the beginning of our solar system,” said a NASA television commentator.

    Once it arrives in July 2016, the spacecraft will orbit the poles of the gas giant, which has more than twice the mass of all planets in the solar system combined and is believed to be the first planet that took shape around the Sun.

    Named after the wife of the Roman god Jupiter, the $1.1 billion spacecraft is NASA’s first mission to the planet since Galileo was launched in 1989. It aims for 30 orbits over a period of one year.

    Juno will get closer to Jupiter than any other NASA spacecraft has and will be the first to undertake a polar orbit of the planet, said Scott Bolton, Juno principal investigator and scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas.

    “One of the primary goals of Juno…. is [probing] the origin of Jupiter and the origin of our solar system,” Mr. Bolton said just before the launch.
    “Juno is set up to learn about that early part of the solar system and learn how Jupiter formed and by measuring the ingredients. We are really looking for the recipe of planet formation.”

    The orbiter Galileo entered the planet’s orbit in 1995 and plunged into Jupiter in 2003, ending its life.

    Other NASA spacecraft — including Voyager 1 and 2, Ulysses and New Horizons — have done flybys of the planet.

    Juno will spend the first two years of its mission going around the Sun, then return for a flyby of the Earth, which will give a gravitational boost to accelerate the spacecraft on a three-year path toward Jupiter.

    When it gets there, Juno — orbiting around 5,000 km (3,100 miles) above the gas giant — will make use of a series of instruments, some of which were provided by European space agency partners in Italy, Belgium, France and Denmark, to learn about the workings of the planet and what is inside.

    Two key experiments will gauge how much water is in Jupiter and whether the planet “has a core of heavy elements at the centre, or whether it is just gas all the way down,” Mr. Bolton said at a press briefing last week.

    Scientists also hope to learn more about Jupiter’s magnetic fields and its Great Red Spot, a storm that has been raging for more than 300 years.
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    Back in 2003, when plans for Juno were being crafted, NASA briefly considered using some sort of nuclear fuel to power the spacecraft, but engineers decided it would be quicker and less risky to go with solar.

    Juno is part of a series of new planetary science missions, to be followed by GRAIL (Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory), which is headed to the moon in September, and the Mars Science Laboratory set to take off in November

    Note: Westerners way of naming Allah (swt)’s created planets with their own idols are purely illogic and stupidity.
    Keywords: Robotic explorer, mission to Jupiter, Juno, NASA

    Have you ever thought of following programmes?????

    ‘And those who denied falsely Our Signs (in the Book of Nature) and did not act upon them and (consequently) took as false Hereafter’s Meeting (with God, that is they did not take it seriously that man’s continuing struggle in this world would result in their Meeting with God)–such shall be brought forth to (grievous) punishment.’ 30:16)

    And if it were our WILL We would have made you angles and put them on the earth as your heirs, (43:60). Then after their annihilation we made you inheritors in the earth so that We could see how you Act (10: 14), And whatever you spend in His cause, God sustains and gives you its replacement. (34.39).

    “0 ye dwellers of the earth, God is that Almighty Who has’ made you His assistant and vicegerent on the earth (that you take His administration and management in your hands) and He hath raised one people many stages over the others so that He may test, in this struggle for survival, your capabilities and potential with which He endued you. Remember that if you did not acquit yourselves in this test and lagged behind, certainly God is quick in punishment: And if, on the basis of your efforts, you surpassed others, then there is no doubt that He is Oft-Forgiving and Most Merciful.” (6: 165)

    “0 ye people! If you reflect, you will inevitably reach the conclusion that creation of the heavens and the earth is a greater matter than even the creation of man. But most people understand it not”. (40:57) In other words, man’s creation was not a joke, that a clay structure was made and then, God forbid, a magician blew life into it, as the ignorant think; rather, it was a gigantic evolutionary process which was finalized after hundreds of thousands of years. This is what is indicated by the repetition of the word summa (32:8-9).

    “0 ye people, what is the matter with you that you have no hope of mercy and exaltation from God; you do not expect, by acting upon His Law, to assume the best position, although it is He, the Real Benefactor, Who has created you in diverse ways and after passing you through many stages of creation. By evolving you from the lower to the higher species, and changing you from one nature to another, He bestowed on you the honor of being the Noblest Creation, “(71: 13·14)

    ‘(0 ye human beings, keep in mind) that certainly your Lord is the same God Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days (of long durations ex tending over hundreds of thousands of years) and is firmly established on the Throne of Authority (and is running this immense administration of the heavens and the earth). (and also keep in mind that) He plans’ the Law (of Nature which is finalized in hundreds of thousands of years). (Understand it clearly that after deviating from this Law of Nature) there can be no intercessor for you but that God (in case of forgiveness) gives leave (for concession). This is God, your Lord Guardian; Him therefore serve ye (day and night and keep on acting on His Law). Will ye then not take guidance (from this awesome Administration which is before your eyes) To Him will be (eventually) your return of all of you (to account for your actions). This is God’s firm promise. Undoubtedly, He beginneth the process of creation and He repeateth it that He may reward those who believe and act righteously (and struggle day and night in uncovering the mysteries of Nature), and give nothing but droughts of boiling water (as punishment) to those who do not believe (in the reality of this Nature) as grievous penalty for their disbelief, It is He Who made the sun to be a shining flame and the moon to be light, and then measured out stages for her that ye might know the number of years and the count (of time). Nowise did God create these things but in Truth (and for this very reason are entitled to utmost attention). (For this purpose) doth He explain His Signs (in’ Nature) in detail. (Keep in mind) that in the alternation of night and day and in all that God has created in the heavens and the earth are undoubtedly (countless) Signs for those who fear ‘(the Law of) God (which can lead them to the stages of power and peace), Verily, those who rest not their hope on their (eventual) meeting with Us and have become content with (the pleasers of) this world and are satisfied with the (futile) life of this world (of mere eating, drinking and pleaser-hunting); and also those who (became Ghafil and) heeded not our Signs (in the Book of Nature} these are the people whose abode is Hell Fire because of the (evil) they earned (10:3-8)

    ” And among the mountains are streaks, white and red, of diverse hues and others raven black; And in like manner, there are men and beasts and cattle, of various colours. Only those of His servants who possess knowledge fear Allah.”(35:27,28)

    ”In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of the night and the day, there are indeed Signs for men of understanding.” (3:191).

    ” And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the diversity of your tongues and colours. In that surely are Signs for those who posses knowledge.(”30:23).

    Hope above powerful Ayaath will guide muslim ummah to take the task of unfinished project successfully initiated during the period of “Quran e Awwala” and continued for few centuries but stopped abruptly when we start giving priority to Ahaadith (mostly contradict with above programmes designed by Supreme Commander in Chief of this marvelous universe).


    But alas, the Islamic scholars and logicians completely lost sight of unity of action. They rendered explanations of this unique book in whatever way was possible for them with their scanty temporary and localized knowledge. By a matter of religious faith, their individual commentaries as definite and conclusive they lined up people behind them, and by becoming sectarian through mutual conflict and bigotry they pushed away from the eyes the reality of the Divine Message. They have not, till today, evolved any common scientific principles for commentary on the Word of God; they have not established any common basis for its discussion; they have not determined any correct and evolving spectrum In the immense wonderland of the Divine Word; no harmony or consistency, no conclusive argument and basis have been put forth. It is for this reason that Quran’s true knowledge and its supreme wisdom have mostly remained hidden from the eyes; the message originally given by it has been forgotten; it has itself been rendered a totally meaningless thing worth no attention. Its words no longer inspire people; they experience no incitement from its commandments, they are not moved by its wisdom. The hidden truth, whose concealment and attractiveness itself were enough to invoke till eternity a whole world to embark on its continuous research, has today become stale and ineffectual. The Divine verses, the quest for whose meanings in itself constituted a continuing inducement for the organ of peace and pleasure of this world of action to play louder, have today become a nucleus of stagnation and oblivion, sectarianism and imbecility through man’s arrogance and ignorance, inattention and indifference. The rust of false convictions and distortions is eating into whatever power is left with the Ummah. The commentators and religious scholars have bequeathed to posterity structures of their own separate and petty convictions. Everybody is thus clinging to his own ‘idol’ and idling away his time, and quivering like the dying flame of morning candle is providing superficial evidence of his existence.
    In my view the commentator of a law is duty-bound to demonstrate that all its clauses collectively converge to one objective, one supreme purpose; he should, with the system of administration In view, explain the real motives of the clauses; by determining correct meaning of each clause he should try to explain the system itself. The purpose of each directive and each prohibitive order should be shown as aiming at the collective and individual security of the people; the consequences of disregard should be clear; the reward of obedience should be obvious; the administration’s power should be fully evident; retribution and punishment should be seen as actually happening. In fact, it should be demonstrated by the commentator of the law that underneath the basic policy of do’s and don’ts lie a living justice and equity, a faith inspiring logic, an irrefutable reason, a dominant cause and an Invigorating know/edge which inevitably cause among its followers the birth of a world-wide stir and a longing for action. They should witness in that logical and stable, powerful and just administration an abiding link between reason and retribution, cause and effect, basis and outcome, and adopt willingly or unwillingly this cause and effect relationship as their course of conduct. I believe that the Prophets manifested the Law of Nature to their people exactly in this manner; this is why their performance was unparalleled and this really is the first and the last stage of Faith. A commentary which fails to project the Ouran in this form is a body without soul whose existence or non-existence makes no difference. And the Faith which is not raised to the level of a visual belief is a lifeless structure whose futility in the world is obvious. The highest authority in the tiny administration of human body is held by brain; the information of what other organs do or feel reaches it first. This authoritative organ analyses them, declares them right or wrong, and sends them reinforcements of hopes or frustrations. It is this SUPREME ADMINISTRATOR on whose directive move and operate all other organs. Unless a thing is approved by the brain, it is impossible for the other organs to struggle for it, or form it the basis of their action. Therefore, any explanation of the Ouran which fails to enlist the support of brain, or to Invoke the backing of the understanding heart, cannot generate in any person an upsurge of action and effort, or a world-wide glow of faith. This Is why in spite of consistent efforts to explain and’ elucidate the Ouran, ever since the advent of Islam, no commentary has been able to generate even a millionth part of the faith, the mass agitating belief, and the breath-taking action which were created by the Last Prophet (PBUH) through 23 years of his face-to-face Interpretation, and regeneration of which, from practical point of view, Is today considered among the impossibilities. Nay, this is manifest that none of the thousands of commentary writers could convince even a single individual’s brain in such a way as to Impel! that chief of the organs to straightway put the other organs into action for at least one generation. The question posed by every great scholar, after reading all that It contained, was’ like the famous story of Zulekhan and Yusef –whether Zulekhan was a male or a female. What Is the end product of the Quranlc teachings? What Is recorded therein? What directive has God Almighty given In a few words? What is It which in a few years time had released such a torrent of valour and action in the entire Arab people? Where Is that thing which had ignited such a fire in the hearts of the small and the big, the Ignorant and the wise, the leader and the led, the poor and the rich, which for ages remained extinguished and for centuries sustained in the .actions and activities, habits and character, conduct and relationship of a whole Ummah such a volcanic upsurge as every eye longs to see again? If today anybody in quest of truth diverts his attention to any commentary with the hope of rekindling his flame, on the very first page he finds such a shamefaced collection of human falsifications and misstatements, fictional narrations and concealment of reality, irrelevances and disjointedness, that the very soul trembles at the sight of that slaughterhouse of intelligence and wisdom Somewhere are found complete articles on grammar and syntax somewhere are detailed discussions where to put and where not to put vowels; at places are found lengthy comments on forms of expressions; somewhere are darkening debates of conjecture and speculation; somewhere is the disjointed song of haddasnaand qat, somewhere are clustered supposed and unauthorised tales; somewhere Is stretched disharmony for miles on. Every verse has been rendered out of context, disconnected from the theme, split internally, and made meaningless and inconclusive externally. Where harmony is quite obvious, there exists a childish display; where exist the wide gulf of irrelevance and the .need for reflection and knowledge, all that is found is silence of stupidity. Neither, Is there any concern with the principle of meaning, nor is an eye on the conclusions; neither is quest of knowledge, nor search for wisdom. It appears that in spite of the .sky-reaching highway of Divine Logic, the commentator has lost the way on account of entanglements and intricacies of his own side lanes: he fails to see the forest because of overgrowth, as does the bee. He drags himself Into thorny bushes, and while disentangling at every step his garments from the thorns, he loses the covered way also, and when at last by looking back he finds no opening he moves on aimlessly, and keeps on pushing himself in wilderness. No commentator has realized that a person who reads a commentary has his main aim to understand the reality of the Divine Message; this alone is the purpose of his engagement in reading such a voluminous book; for this reason has he left a ‘brief’ and ‘profound’ document, and diverted his attention to what he thinks to be an easy and detailed book. And precisely for this reason, and in spite of all the explanations which the commentator has piled up in praise of the Divine Word, the reader’s aim is the same–what is the substance of the Ouran; what, in a few words, is recorded in it; what, in a few sentences, are the principles which are to be acted upon; what Divine Wisdom is contained in them; where is their constitutional certification; why is it zlkarullila/ameen, why hudamwarahma. These are precisely the things which are non-existent in every commentary and translation. People read commentaries only with this purpose in view, and then are overwhelmed by frustration. They do not discover in the existing commentaries any firm principle, any formula, any worthwhile conclusion. In short, the study of commentaries or translations of the Quran has for long been such a useless and discordant exercise that Instead of raising the flame of faith sky high, It extinguishes even the small spark which every Muslim possesses as a necessity or as part of his nature. And it has often happened that a man of sense and understanding has become totally averse to Islam after seeing these commentaries and translations, and whatever little longing was pulsating in his mind has been silenced and eventually made extinct.
    A Western critic has given a significant example of these destructive distortions of a mere laudatory approach with reference to numerous extent commentaries on the works of a reputed English poet. He refers to the practice of Roman Catholics how out of devotion they would hang the pictures of their saints in the churches, and then according to their faith in the saints, ignite candles under these pictures to illuminate their faces and make the saints look more glorified. As n”!.lch as the people are devoted to a saint, to the same extent are lighted candles under his picture, and in the same proportion is he considered esteemed. Each devotee lights candles as he is capable of; someone brings a polished lantern of candles, while another carries to the church an old fashioned oil-filled clay lamp, and places it under the picture with extreme reverence. The cumulative effect of this display of devotion is, however, different. The swerving oily soot of the candles blackens the face of the saint; his features are eventually distorted and the oil-blotted soot-laden picture makes the saint look like a frightful ghost. The critic says that thousands of commentaries written by Shakespeare’s admirers to illumine his works, in fact, blacken the real ,Jicture of what he meant. The devotional type of commentators have coined such baseless stories about the meaning of each of his sentences as probably were never thought of by the author. This laudatory speculation about the useless and harmless works of a poet by his devotees may not have had any adverse impression on a single individual; even a handful of his readers may not have been misled by all this falsification by the commentators. But the centuries-long disjointed comments of the Islamic commentators about the Quran, their wild opinion-mongering and conjectures, have caused in the profit-and-Ioss history of a world community such an irreparable loss, such an unparalleled mischief in its attitudes, such death-invoking diseases in its character, and such shameful inadequacies in its efforts and actions, that this soul-killing story and the injurious and stagnating narration of human statements send shivers in one’s body. The enchanting figure of the Quranic objectives has been entirely blackened and not a single feature is visible of its original life-nourishing beauty. The meaning of each verse, sentence, phrase, in fact, at times, also of words and signs has been perverted. The objectives of the message have been distorted; nay, intentions have become perverse, resolutions have changed, hearts and livers have also changed. The dark clouds of wrong conclusions and reckless deviations have covered the meanings with thick layers of black smoke. On those layers has become so old and thick the oil of habit and prejudice after collecting over long periods, that none accepts even the existence of the original picture. Instead ot the life-nourishing, inspiring and captivating figure the world of Islam is trying to put its faith in an oil-blackened frame, and in the absence of awe-inspiring longing for beauty and stagnated by supposition and conjecture, is slowly and slowly being dragged towards defeat and death.

    (Authored by one of the greatest Islamic Scholar Late Allama Mashriqi)

  5. Allama Mashriqi was a Munkar e Hadith as well ?

    just wonder how new generation got more knowledge of quraan and hadith but pious predecessors didnt knew much, they were all misguided and ignorant….

    • 38:87 “It is but a reminder for the worlds.”
      38:88 “You will come to know its news after

  6. To Syed

    Chota Moon badi bath

    people attach to mullahism misunderstood the noble research work on Glorious Quran did by Late AllamaMashriqi. Can you bring me such an article written byany other scholar? Definitely no exceppt man gadath aqayedh, calculation of Darood, Dozakh, Jannath etc.etc.

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