Posted by: mjaga | August 2, 2011

Qur’aan & Ahaadeeth

In the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful

Qur’aan & Ahaadeeth

Every Ramadan, Allah Ta’ala reminds Muslims of the impracticality and ridiculousness of the lunar calendar that is in vogue with majority of them today. They are well aware of the uselessness of such a calendar for business transactions across the world. That is why they never use it for their own day-to-day worldly affairs.

And every Ramadan tells the Muslims that their lunar calendar is useless also in keeping their community united in their religious matters. While, this year, the Ramadan started in Arab countries on Monday, it started only on Tuesday in India. And Islam is a universal religion!

This uselessness and divisive nature of their lunar calendar is quite apparent to all the Muslims. And yet, most of them are averse to taking any steps to make the calendar useful and practical. The reason? A hadeeth! As per that hadeeth, the Prophet (peace on him) had asked his Ummah to terminate a month on its 29th day if, and only if, they sight the new moon on the 29th day. The month is to be terminated on the 30th day otherwise.

There is no reason to doubt the authenticity of this hadeeth. The Prophet’s immediate audience then, the Arabs, did not have the knowledge to determine the exact time when the astronomical new moon occurred. Sighting was the only practical means to know that it had occurred. And this did not matter then as the Ummah was confined to the Arabian Peninsula.

But now, Allah Almighty is repeatedly reminding us of the futility of adhering to that hadeeth! HE is telling us that the hadeeth was time-specific, while His Message, the Qur’aan is not! No such requirement as necessarily sighting the moon is laid down in the Holy Book. It requires the believers to fashion a time-keeping calendar for the entire mankind taking the fixed new moon timing as the reference point.

Unless and until Muslims take heed of this annual divine reminder of Ramadan, the community is bound to remain stagnant in the doldrums, laughed at and ridiculed by others.

Mohammad Shafi



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