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Qur’aanic Verse 12.40:



40. Ma taAAbudoona min doonihi illa asmaan sammaytumooha antum waabaokum ma anzala Allahu biha min sultanin ini alhukmu illa lillahi amara alla taAAbudoo illa iyyahu thalika alddeenu alqayyimu walakinna akthara alnnasi la yaAAlamoona


40. [Prophet Joseph’s advice to his co-prisoners:] “What you worship besides Him are but fictitious things to which you and your fathers have given names. Allah has not sent down any authority for them. The absolute authority is with Allah alone. He has commanded that you shall not worship6 anything or anybody but Him. This is the established way of life, but most people know not.”


Study Note:

 6. To worship is to obey unquestioningly all commands of the authority in question. As this Verse proclaims, this authority is none other than Allah, the one and only Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe and of everything therein. But by treating the ahaadeeth to be as sacrosanct as the Qur’aanic Verses, many Muslims are guilty of contravening the dictum of this Verse. Unlike for the Qur’aan, there is no divine guarantee of genuineness for the ahaadeeth. By following and thus obeying the ahaadeeth that are contradictory to Qur’aanic teachings, the Muslims are unquestioningly obeying and thus worshipping the narrators and writers of the ahaadeeth, besides Allah Almighty.


The above is an extract from Qur’aanic Studies Manzil III, which will soon, inshaAllah, be published on Amazon Kindle. Manzil I & Mabzil II of the series are already published.

Mohammad Shafi



  1. Obey Allah and obey Allah Rasool

    tell me how you obey Allah’s rasool ?
    and those who follow ahadeeth dont obey those who wrote those ahadeeth, instead they obey Allah’s rasool only

    and no one can guide whose misguide themselves, indeed rejection is easy.

    • You can obey both Allah and His Rasool by just following the Qur’aan.

      By following the *ahaadeeth* blindly, you’re not following the Rasool, but following hearsays.

      Mohammad Shafi

      • How can we obey Rasool, without the help of Sahih Ahadith-e-
        Nabwi??? In Quran,,, there are Mujammal Ahkaam and some
        hints,,, while all details are available in Sahih Ahadith.
        It seems, that you are also from Munkireen-e-Hadith, that’s
        why insisting upon follow Quran only.
        Sahih hadith is interpretation of Quran in true spirit, not
        hearsays as you said… If you are true in your concept,
        than what do you mean the ayah in Quran,,,,Atee-ur-Rasool
        and how will you be able to do eta’at of Rasool (saws)
        whithout the help of Sahih Hadith?

        Mohammad Shafi responds:
        Follow the Qur’aan. You can thereby faithfully follow the Rasool

  2. The real ‘Shirk’ is to follow the systems, which are based on non-Quranic values and principles. Quran has emphatically stated: “La yushrik fi hukmehee ahada – God does not share His Command (values & principles) with anyone whatsoever”. (18:26)

    • Jazak Allah

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