Posted by: mjaga | June 11, 2011

A Friday Sermon – 2

As the theme of his sermon, the Imam chose Qur’aanic Verse 5.35:


[35. O you who believe! Fear Allah and seek means of approach to Him and struggle in His Path, so that you get success.].

But he quoted the Verse partially only up to the Arabic term waseelata.

Then he went on explaining what waseelata meant, with many examples. One example given was that if one has to go to London (from India) one has to get info of that place from a person who had already been there.

“So,” the Imam triumphantly said, “one cannot seek proximity to Allah Almighty without the medium of a wali (saint) who already has that proximity.”

And the saints he named were long back dead and buried in their graves! He wanted his gullible audience to go and pay their obeisance at their graves in order to get proximity with Allah!!

I request readers to recall blog post Waseelah in this context.

Mohammad Shafi



  1. Salaam,

    It is indeed unfortunate that we have, in many cases, set aside the clear guidance of the Qur’an in order to accommodate our cultural expectations. This is precisely what has happened in our treatment of “peers”, “Awliyaa” and the like.

    The Qur’anic perspective is very simple. [A] Allah alone is to be worshiped and invoked. [B] Allah is Al-Baqee, the lasting, enduring One.

    The Imams and the Awliyaa’ are humans, who lived and who died. Allah is also As-samee’ [The All Hearing], so there is no need for a Wali or a Peer to intervene with Allah on our behalf. Probably, this whole [mis] understanding of intercession etc.. stems from our laziness. We want someone else to do the good deeds and the spiritual development, rather than working on these issues for ourselves.

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