Posted by: mjaga | May 31, 2011

Like a Dog

Qur’aanic Verses 7.175 & 7.176:




175. Waotlu AAalayhim nabaa allathee ataynahu ayatina fainsalakha minha faatbaAAahu alshshaytanu fakana mina alghaweena

176. Walaw shi/na larafaAAnahu biha walakinnahu akhlada ila al-ardi waittabaAAa hawahu famathaluhu kamathali alkalbi in tahmil AAalayhi yalhath aw tatruk-hu yalhath thalika mathalu alqawmi allatheena kaththaboo bi-ayatina faoqsusi alqasasa laAAallahum yatafakkaroona


175. And recite to them the story of one to whom We gave Our Verses/signs, but he withdrew himself therefrom! The Satan then followed him, and he became one of those who deviate from the Right Path.

176. And if We had so willed, We would certainly have exalted him thereby; but he remained clinging to the earth and followed his base desires. His example then is that of the dog; if you assault him he lolls out his tongue, and if you leave him alone he lolls out his tongue! 71 Similar is the example of those who reject Our Verses/signs. Relate the story then; perhaps they will reflect.72


Study Notes:

71. A dog doing so is indicative of its utterly submissive behaviour towards its master. A man, who refuses to be governed by divine law, condemns himself to similar slavish behaviour towards some other human beings in pursuit of his base desires.

72. The Qur’aan does not name the person about whom this narrative is related in these two Verses 175 & 176. But it definitely applies to a general prototype of a modern-day Muslim. To this Muslim, Allah Almighty gave the Qur’aan, but he does not follow the instructions therein – let alone follow, he does not even try to understand those instructions. The Satan then follows him, and he is led to grave-worship in pursuit of his worldly desires. Being unaware of Qur’aanic instructions, he goes to Mullahs – religious leaders – for guidance. The Mullahs generally reject the oft-repeated Qur’aanic statement that it contains, in itself, instructions explained in details on all matters concerning the Religion. And they guide the gullible prototype Muslim on matters not contained in the Qur’aan, on the basis of man-influenced and error-prone ahaadeeth and other books of human authors. As a result, the Muslim Ummah in general is reduced to the status of the dog, mentioned in this Verse, in the comity of nations today.


The above is an extract from Qur’aanic Studies Manzil II, which will soon, inshaAllah, be published on Amazon Kindle. Manzil I of the series is already published.

Mohammad Shafi



  1. You are making great mistake to call hadith a wrong thing.
    People who learn from you, and other who learn from other scholars – what is difference between them as per rule? Both are going to learn from someone else.
    Who goes to other you call him ignorant without any reason – you want that everyone come to you.
    Your own book is full of errors and Nafs-influenced, so anyone who is going to accept you, will leave your own book first, if he is not giving up he is following you with deny.

    Anyhow, don’t always try to deny hadith, not each aayat meant for this purpose.
    Don’t make Quran a book especially designed for Inkaar-e-Hadith.

    Can you mention any matter on which scholars gave wrong order per rule basis, I am not talking about some specific Mufti of this time, but I am talking about scholars who are followed at general level.


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