Posted by: mjaga | May 25, 2011

Divine Design for Humans

Qur’aanic Verse 7.25:



25. Qala feeha tahyawna wafeeha tamootoona waminha tukhrajoona


25. HE said, “Therein shall you live, and therein shall you die, and therefrom shall you be raised.”8


Study Notes:

8. Verses 19 to 25 herein above, give an encapsulated history of mankind till Resurrection Day. The first couple of human beings started their lives in the utopian pleasantness of Paradise. There, the Lord had put just one restriction on them, with a due warning against disobeying the restriction order. But they were given the capability to disobey. And under the influence of their avowed enemy, the Satan, they disobeyed! Thus did the first human sin happen. And the first couple was duly punished by being banished from Paradise. They and their progeny are put on test again, on this earth, with some restrictions divinely placed on them. They may regain Paradise only if they pass the test. So here, in this encapsulated history of mankind, Allah Almighty gives us His Law of Crime and Punishment for mankind. Anyone who goes against Allah’s directives commits a crime. He is then liable to Allah’s punishment here in this world itself and/or in the Hereafter.


The above is an extract from Qur’aanic Studies Manzil II, which will soon, inshaAllah, be published on Amazon Kindle. Manzil I of the series is already published.

Mohammad Shafi



  1. Not a single messenger has disobeyed the Divine law.Please review this expression being given by the Bible but not from the Quran.
    Moreover this is also wrong over the earth there had been 1st couple Adam and Eva. Can you mention any of the messenger who disobeyed the Divine law from the beginning till end?Then Why Messenger Adam?

    • What I have stated in the blog post is nothing but based on the Qur’aan.

  2. Contrary to common belief, the “Original Sin” was not Adam’s violation of God’s law when he ate from the forbidden tree. The original sin was our failure to uphold God’s absolute authority during the Great Feud.
    We are in this world because we committed a horrendous crime, and this life is our chance to redeem ourselves, denounce our crime, and rejoin God’s kingdom.
    It all began a few billion years ago when “a feud arose in the Heavenly Society” (38:69).
    One of the high-ranking creatures, Satan, entertained supercilious thoughts that his God-given powers qualified him to be a god besides God. He thus challenged God’s absolute authority. Not only was Satan’s idea blasphemous, it was wrong – only God, and no one else, possesses the qualifications and ability to be a god. Consequent to Satan’s blasphemy, a division occurred in the Heavenly Society, and all constituents of God’s kingdom became classified into four categories:
    1. Angels: Creatures who upheld God’s absolute authority.
    2. Animals: Creatures who rebelled but then accepted God’s invitation to repent.
    3. Jinns: Creatures who agreed with Satan; that he is capable of being a “god.”
    4. Humans: Creatures who did not make up their minds; they failed to
    make a firm stand with God’s absolute authority.
    The angels expected God to banish the creatures who did not uphold His absolute authority (2:30). But God is Most Merciful; He decided to give us a chance to denounce our mistake, and informed the angels that He knew what they did not know (2:30)

    God knew that some creatures deserved a chance to be redeemed. If you claim the ability to fly a plane, the best way to test your claim is to give you a plane and ask you to fly it. This is precisely what God decided to do in response to Satan’s claim. God created seven vast universes, then informed the angels that He was appointing Satan as a god on the tiny mote called “Earth”

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