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Sects within Islam

Qur’aanic Verse 6.159:



159. Inna allatheena farraqoo deenahum wakanoo shiyaAAan lasta minhum fee shay-in innama amruhum ila Allahi thumma yunabbi-ohum bima kanoo yafAAaloona


159. You have indeed no concern with those who divide their religion into sects. Their matter goes to Allah, Who will then tell them what they did.59


Study Note:

59. This is a strong divine condemnation of those who cause divisions in the Allah-approved Religion of Islam. And yet there are divisions galore in Islam! How are these divisions caused and by whom? As far as my understanding goes, the first division was caused on the basis of the controversy over the ahaadeeth reporting the last sermon of the Prophet, peace upon him. As per some ahaadeeth, the Prophet was reported to have said that he was leaving behind his Sunnah, besides the Qur’aan. There are some who disopute this and say that it was not the Sunnah, but Ahle-Bayt. Thus arose the two sects, Sunnis and Shias, the latter sect adopting the very word, Allah Ta’ala used to condemn the schism, to identify themselves by! Herein lies a clear pointer to the answer to the question, how and by whom. It is through the man-influenced, error-prone ahaadeeth that Satan has helped Muslims bring about the divisions! When will the Muslims realise this and save themselves from certain doom?


The above is an extract from Qur’aanic Studies Manzil II, which will soon, inshaAllah, be published on Amazon Kindle. Manzil I of the series is already published.

Mohammad Shafi



  1. The Qur’an claims, very clearly, that it is the Word of Allah (see notes 4, 5, 6 & 7) and not the word of the prophet. The prophet’s position vis-à-vis the Qur’an is that the Word of Allah was uttered by the prophet when he was inspired with the revelation. So, in effect the Qur’an becomes the utterance or ‘the sayings’ of the prophet. Therefore, in this case only, one cannot make a distinction in this regard between the two – i.e. ‘the Word of Allah’ and ‘the sayings of the prophet’ – since they are one and the same. This is why Allah says in the Qur’an “follow the prophet”: in order that we should follow the Qur’an and practice the teachings of the Qur’an. However, the Qur’an warns us that if the prophet were to utter anything of his own, in his own words, and incorporate it into the Qur’an then he would be severely punished and no one would be able to save him. We must clearly understand that to follow the prophet, as stated in the Qur’an, implies to follow what was inspired in him through revelations. This does not mean following what has been written regarding his sayings and practices by fallible people some 250 years later, and primarily collected by word of mouth. This literature, called the Hadiths, is full of contradictions with the Qur’an and that in itself is the proof that it has nothing to do with the prophet. To prove this point I have outlined some of the major contradictions of the Hadith literature with the Qur’an in a separate chapter of this book. We should never overlook the fact that, had the prophet been so keen on the importance of his own sayings he would have arranged to have these written down during his lifetime. At the very least his immediate companions would have done so had they been aware of such an intention. However, neither did so.

  2. [Please don’t add inline comment with my comments]
    Mr. Muhammad Shafi, please update your information, the hadith you are mentioning, that Shia/Sunni quote, ‘are’ equally acceptable for Sunni, who said to you that Sunni reject that hadith about Ehl-e-Bait? Is it not a lie you are propagating? Why you do like this?

    The problem was not because of Hadith, but it’s interpretation, and difference in interpretation doesn’t reject actual information.

    Now read some words of Mr. Naveed above, he is interpreting some aayaat of Quran – I disagree with him, totally disagree. Now will you say that leave Quran because disagreement started because of Quran?

    I don’t know why you follow wrong rules !!


    • Mr. Humayun Rasheed,

      Please update your knowledge. It is not for you to judge who is propagating a lie and who is following wrong rules. It is for Allah to judge.

      • For white you are saying black, still leave for Allah(swt) to decide? Subhanallah. Then nothing can be decided, shut down the courts.

      • What can one do when persons of your school of thought insist on saying black is white?

      • Black and white are understood by human being by nature.
        Ehl-e-sunnat-wal-jamaat – i.e. Follower of Quran taught by Rasool(saw) and ordered his students Sahabah(ra) to propagate among people – never denied any black as black and white as white.
        No one could still still mention.
        You said Sunni don’t accept hadith about Quran and Ehl-e-Bait – it is a direct lie – now what more I say about it.

        Mohammad Shafi responds:
        You have said enough. Now let Allah Almighty decide between us.

  3. Infact you are now creating new sect – is it not so?
    A century ago no one denied Hadith (my be you can quote some exception but all accepted hadith) now you are new sect created last century who deny Hadith.

    I offer you to come to agreed upon rule that quran and Sunnah is light for us.


    • The sect (Islam) you say I have now created has been in existence since Adam, Brother! Why are you giving me a false credit for it? It was created by the Creator Himself! In the entire history of mankind before the ahaadeeth came into existence about a century ago there were no shias, no sunnies.

      I offer you to come to the agreed upon rule that the Qur’aan is the Light for us all.

      • Who said that Quran is not agreed upon? Where I said don’t follow Quran?

        You new sect is denier of aayaat which are ordering to follow Rasool(saw).

      • Allhamdulillah! You agree Qur’aan is the common ground on which we can come together. Then please do not pollute this sacred ground with the so-called Sunnah. All authentic Sunnah is included in the Qur’aan.

        No, Brother! My religion is Islam. I believe in no sect. When I follow the Qur’aan, I follow the Rasool. It is your new sects of Sunnis, Shias etc started about a century ago which are going against the Qur’aanic Verses by following hearsays, and not the Rasool.

  4. Yes The first division starts because of the reporting of the Prophet Mohammed Last Sermon

    Although thousands of Muslims witnessed the Farewell (last) Sermon given by the Prophet Muhammed, the Hadiths books reported at least three versions of the same Sermon. This only reflects how confusing, misleading, distorted and inaccurate are the Hadiths Books. For an event witnessed by over 10,000 people an accurate narration should have been available, but it has not.

    Here are the references to the three versions of the Sermon

    1) I leave with you Quran and Sunnah, Muwatta, 46/3
    2) I leave with you Quran and Ahl al-bayt , Muslim 44/4, Nu2408; ibn hanbal 4/366; darimi 23/1, nu 3319.
    3) I leave for you the Quran alone you shall uphold it.
    Muslim 15/19, nu 1218; ibn Majah 25/84, Abu dawud 11/56.
    See Sahih Muslim, Book of Hajj, Book 7 , Number 2803:

    Shiites changed this version of the Sermon to read, the book of Allah and my family, while the Sunnites changed it to read, the Book of Allah and my Sunnah. Only the version that talks about QURAN ALONE is the only one that does not contradict the QURAN and does not have any political motive behind it. It is the version ignored by the sects of the Sunnites and Shiites because it does not support their political agenda

    Pls note that all the Hadith mentioned above are Human made and should not be taken as a correct source of information. Refer the BEST HADITH, As Allah promised in the Quran, His Hadith (Quran) will be always , the BEST HADITH (39:23), the MOST ACCURATE HADITH (4:87), and the ” NOT FABRICATED HADITH” (12:111).

    • Again a lie, Your sentence;

      Here are the references to the three versions of the Sermon …

      Is a lie.
      Dare to prove that these three are of same sermon, if no proof then stop lieing.
      I am Sunni and I believe in all three and there is no contradiction in these three and Quran.

      • I think br Humayun is commenting here on another br’s comments. I hope the concerned br will give him the reply. But by calling himself a Sunni instead of a Muslim, br Humayun

      • Call me Sunni (not Munkir-e-Hadith), and also declare that he believe in the hadith that is saying to follow Quran and Ehl-e-Bait, and then declare that what is written in the blog that Sunni don’t believe in that hadith is an open lie.

      • I think br Humayun is commenting here on another br’s comments. I hope the concerned br will give him the reply. But by calling himself a Sunni instead of a Muslim, br Humayun is admitting that he is a member of the Allah-abhorred sect within Islam.

      • Part of sermon is attched for your reference
        ………….The first claim of ours on blood-revenge which I abolish is that of the son of Rabi’a b. al-Harith, who was nursed among the tribe of Sa’d and killed by Hudhail. And the usury of she pre-Islamic period is abolished, and the first of our usury I abolish is that of ‘Abbas b. ‘Abd al-Muttalib, for it is all abolished. Fear Allah concerning women! Verily you have taken them on the security of Allah, and intercourse with them has been made lawful unto you by words of Allah. You too have right over them, and that they should not allow anyone to sit on your bed whom you do not like. But if they do that, you can chastise them but not severely. Their rights upon you are that you should provide them with food and clothing in a fitting manner. I have left among you the Book of Allah, and if you hold fast to it, you would never go astray. And you would be asked about me (on the Day of Resurrection), (now tell me) what would you say? They (the audience) said: We will bear witness that you have conveyed (the message), discharged (the ministry of Prophethood) and given wise (sincere) counsel. He (the narrator) said: He (the Holy Prophet) then raised his forefinger towards the sky and pointing it at the people (said):” O Allah, be witness. 0 Allah, be witness,” saying it thrice. (Bilal then) pronounced Adhan and later on Iqama and he (the Holy Prophet) led the noon prayer. He (Bilal) then uttered Iqama and he (the Holy Prophet) led the afternoon prayer and he observed no other prayer in between the two……………”

      • .”Call me Sunni……………..”


        22:78 ’ ’…………………He is the one who named you “Muslims ” originally…”

        First, we were all Muslims. Then we became Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims, Wahabi Muslims, Ahmadi Muslims……
        Now, we are Sunni, Shia, Wahabi, Ahmadi,…

        Satan is indeed successful dividing us.

        [6:159] Those who divide themselves into sects do not belong with you. Their judgment rests with GOD, then He will inform them of everything they had done

      • 1-
        Where in your quoted part of sermon three versions of hadith are mentioned? You read my comments before replying? that what I am asking?

        Sunni means non-muslim?
        You are Najeeb or human being?

  5. I agree with Brother Najeeb.

  6. Farraqu deena hum :- means they differenciate! Who did with which? The answer is with their Deen.
    What is Deen.?
    Its answer has been given 42/13
    (Like His laws which operate in the outer universe,He has devised Laws for mankind.Since the begining these laws have been conveyed through the Anbia by Wahi,Therefore)The way of life devised for you is the same that was revealed to Nooh,Abraham,Moses and Jesus(and the other Ambia).All of them were told to establish the system proposed by Allah,and not to creat sects in it(Because the main objective of the Divine System is that humanity should become one universal entity by the removal od all difference 3:32 3:104 6:160, 45/17-18)

    System of life remain without difference until and unless whole the Muslim follow the Quran(The Divine Book).

    No subdivision of Shia,Sunni and Wahabi willl take place.

  7. and those who only believed the Al Qur’an like you – even some of you do not pray and you only pray 1 rakaat only etc

    • ‘Who only believed in Al-quran’ gives a rather wrong impression brother! Those who believe in the Qur’aan have necessarily to believe in all other things required to be believed in therein. And Allah assures who do so that they have nothing to fear & nothing to grieve at.

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