Posted by: mjaga | May 6, 2011


In the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful

Muhammadans, a la Christians

I was once in correspondence with a Pastor. He asked me whether I was sure I would go to Paradise. I said I was not. It was all dependent on my performance in the Test of this worldly life. Pat came his reply that therein lay the difference between Christianity and Islam. He said he was sure he would go to Paradise. His Christ would surely take him there. He (Christ) had atoned for his (Pastor’s) sins in this world.

And in the manner in which they called themselves, the Christians called followers of Islam as Muhammadans. Some Muslims protested, “The Creator has named us Muslims. Islam – submission to the Will of the Creator – is our divinely approved Religion. And it was divinely approved for all mankind right from Adam till the Last Day. We believe in all the Prophets the Creator had sent for guidance of mankind. Making any distinction among them is forbidden to us. The Christians worship Christ. But we do not worship Muhammad. So we should not be called Muhammadans.”

But do all Muslims adhere to the above Qur’aanic Principle. Do most of them not believe that, despite their sinful ways here in this world, Muhammad will take them to Jannah? So what’s wrong in calling such Muslims Muhammadans?


Muhammad Shafi



  1. please post me mail oon also.
    Allah hafiz

    Mohammad Shafi responds:
    Needful done

  2. Islam does not support any sects. “Muslim” is our name in AlQuran and before. All proper nouns should be exercised without any alteration or translations. Including names of Allah.

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