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Qur’aanic Verse 5.35:



35. Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo ittaqoo Allaha waibtaghoo ilayhi alwaseelata wajahidoo fee sabeelihi laAAallakum tuflihoona


35. O you who believe! Fear Allah and seek means of approach to Him and struggle in His Path, so that you get salvation.19


Study Notes:

19. The Arabic word alwaseelata (means of approach) has been grossly misunderstood by many Muslims of today. They think that in the light of this Verse, they can invoke the good offices of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and other dead pious men, for conferring of wordly benefits to them and for redressal of their worldly woes. Attention of such Muslims is invited to Verses 17.56 and 17.57 wherein the futility of invoking anyone other than Allah, is clarified. And in Verse 35.22, the Qur’aan categorically tells mankind, “And you are in no position to make those to hear who are in the graves.” The ‘means of approach’ to Allah are those means which were employed by those great men themselves. They had persistently struggled in Allah’s Path as indicated at the end of this Verse itself. ‘Struggling in Allah’s Path’ is therefore the means. And ‘struggling in Allah’s Path’ does not mean suicide attacks on soft targets as some may mistakenly believe! It is, on the other hand, to “believe, and do righteous deeds, and admonish with the Truth and admonish with Patience” as enunciated in Surah 103. And ‘righteous deeds’ are deeds that Allah Almighty commands mankind to do through His Message, the Qur’aan.


The above is an extract from Qur’aanic Studies Manzil II, which will soon, inshaAllah, be published on Amazon Kindle. Manzil I of the series is already published.

Mohammad Shafi



  1. Fully agreed with your above exposition.

    Well done.

  2. Are they all dead in their graves ?

    • Whether you can call them dead or not, you cannot make them hear for sure.

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  4. Usually people make mistake at this point.
    Here ‘Wasila’ is not used in the sense that people usually think, but Ibn-e-Abbas(ra) says ‘Wasila’ here means ‘Haajat’.
    Means present your Haajat to Allah(swt), or people are dependent on Allah(swt).
    A person asked him(ra) that did Arabs knew this meaning? he replied with example.
    Here is from ‘Itkaan’ of Imam Suyuti.
    قال أخبرني عن قوله وابتغوا إليه الوسيلة قال الوسيلة الحاجة قال وهل تعرف العرب ذلك قال نعم أما سمعت عنترة وهو يقول
    إن الرجال لهم إليك وسيلة .. إن يأخذوك تكحلي وتخضبي

  5. This is an interesting discussion, Shafi Sahab. I will always remember my first visit to Hazrat Nizamuddin’s mazaar in Deli. It all seemed very commercial in aspect. First, we had to buy flowers at the door, then when we had entered, we were escorted by all manner of ‘guardians’ who followed us around with a paper and pen and who actually directed our way through the different ‘qabrs’ in a hierarchical fashion for which we were supposed to dole out some money for each fateha! At the end we were expected to leave our address so that they could contact us throughout the year for various ‘urs’. My husband was livid at the incessant harassment because as it is, our family is a patron of certain mosques and madrasahs in its own area of Shajahanpur-Bareilly to which we are regular contributors. However, this discussion tends to the concept of ‘waseela’ and one of the arguments that has been given in this regard is that humans are too insiginificant to communicate with the Almighty on their own and therefore they need a medium or a passage usually afforded by someone who is higher up the spiritual scale than themselves. Perhaps this is a sufi strain in Islam. Generations before us have not totally rejected the idea of ‘waseela’ but I would think that Islam has made things very simple for its ummah. We are supposed to ask from Allah directly without having to resort to any middle-man.

  6. There is no concept of salvation in Islam. Please use correct translation. For alWaseelat, you are absolutely right, it is “the best means of approach” and what is better than alQuraan to approach ALLAH Kareem?

    Molvi Humayun, Jalaluddin Suyuti was Shafai, and you are Hanafi. Please quote from your own religion. Here are the meanigs of alwaseelat from LisaanulArab (dictionary):
    الوَسِيلةُ: المَنْزِلة عند المَلِك.
    والوَسِيلة الدَّرَجة.
    والوَسِيلة القُرْبة.
    ووَسَّل فلانٌ إِلى الله وسِيلةً إِذا عَمِل عملاً تقرَّب به إِليه.
    والواسِل: الراغِبُ إِلى الله؛ قال لبيد: أَرى الناسَ لا يَدْرونَ ما قَدْرُ أَمرِهم، بَلى كلُّ ذي رَأْيٍ إِلى الله واسِلُ وتوَسَّل إِليه بوَسيلةٍ إِذ تقرَّب إِليه بعَمَل.
    وتوَسَّل إِليه بكذا: تقرَّب إِليه بحُرْمَةِ آصِرةٍ تُعْطفه عليه.
    والوَسِيلةُ الوُصْلة والقُرْبى، وجمعها الوسائل، قال الله تعالى: أُولئك الذين يَدْعون يَبْتَغون إِلى رَبِّهِمُ الوَسِيلَةَ أَيُّهُمْ أَقْرَبُ؛ الجوهري: الوَسِيلةُ ما يُتَقَرَّبُ به إِلى الغَيْر، والجمع الوُسُلُ والوسائلُ.
    والتَّوْسيلُ والتَّوسُّلُ واحد.
    وفي حديث الأَذان: اللهمَّ آتِ محمداً الوَسِيلَة؛ هي في الأَصل ما يُتَوَصَّل به إِلى الشيء ويُتَقَرَّب به، والمراد به في الحديث القُرْبُ من الله تعالى، وقيل: هي الشفاعةُ يوم القيامة، وقيل: هي منزلة من مَنازِل الجنة كما جاء في الحديث.
    وشيء واسِلٌ: واجبٌ؛ قال رؤبة:وأَنت لا تَنْهَرُ حَظًّا واسِلا والتَّوَسُّل أَيضاً: السَّرِقة، يقال: أَخذ فلان إِبِلي تَوَسُّلاً أَي سَرقة.
    ومُوَيْسِلٌ: ماءٌ لِطَيّءٍ؛ قال واقِدُ بن الغِطْرِيف الطائي وكان قد مَرِضَ فَحُمِيَ الماء واللبن: لَئنْ لَبَنُ المِعْزَى بِماءِ مُوَيْسِل بَغانِيَ داءً، إِنَّني لَسَقيمُ

    It is clearly defining that alWaseelat is with good deeds to seek nearness to ALLAH. It also describes the “hadeeth”, you worship as a Place in Jannat or nearness to ALLAH. It also describes that “there is no waseelat with ghair-Allah” that Brother Aga has explained above.

  7. Hope following Quranic dictum are enough to refute the claims of some ignorant people who fails to understand the concept our creation as well as this superb universe.

    In short all the rewards and punishment will be decided based on your “A’amaal/Deeds”. When clear guidance given in the Quran then instead of following it why someone depending on others for “Waseelah” it is something like you are asking your pay without performing your duty.

    May be half-baked moulvis do not understand the following powerfull messages but what we can do these are the FACTS to accept or not accept is going to be their case.


    ‘(0 ye human beings, keep in mind) that certainly your Lord is the same God Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days (of long durations extending over hundreds of thousands of years) and is firmly established on the Throne of Authority (and is running this immense administration of the heavens and the earth). (and also keep in mind that) He plans’ (of Nature which is finalized in hundreds of thousands the Law of years). (Understand it clearly that after deviating from this Law of Nature) there can be no intercessor for you but that God (in case of forgiveness) gives leave (for concession). This is God, your Lord Guardian; Him therefore serve ye (day and night and keep on acting on His Law). Will ye then not take guidance (from this awesome Administration which is before your eyes)? To Him will be (eventually) your return of all of you (to account for your actions). This is God’s firm promise. Undoubtedly, He beginneth the process of creation and He repeateth it that He may reward those who believe and act righteously (and struggle day and night in uncovering the mysteries of Nature), and give nothing but droughts of boiling water (as punishment) to those who do not believe (in the reality of this Nature) as grievous penalty for their disbelief, It is He Who made the sun to be a shining flame and the moon to be light, and then measured out stages for her that ye might know the number of years and the count (of time). Nowise did God create these things but in Truth (and for this very reason are entitled to utmost attention). (For this purpose) doth He explain His Signs (in’ Nature) in detail. (Keep in mind) that in the alternation of night and day and in all that God has created in the heavens and the earth are undoubtedly (countless) Signs for those who fear (the Law of) God (which can lead them to the stages of power and peace), Verily, those who rest not their hope on their (eventual) meeting with Us and have become content with (the pleasures of) this world and are satisfied with the (futile) life of this world (of mere eating, drinking and pleasure-hunting); and also those who (became Ghafil and) heeded not Our Signs (in the Book of Nature} these are the people whose abode is Hell Fire because of the (evil) they earned.’ (10:3-8)
    [Sources: Quranic Evlotion by AM]


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