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Qur’aanic Verse 3.55:



55. Ith qala Allahu ya AAeesa innee mutawaffeeka warafiAAuka ilayya wamutahhiruka mina allatheena kafaroo wajaAAilu allatheena ittabaAAooka fawqa allatheena kafaroo ila yawmi alqiyamati thumma ilayya marjiAAukum faahkumu baynakum feema kuntum feehi takhtalifoona


55. When67 Allah said: “O Jesus! I am indeed going to make you die68 and raise you up to Me. And I will cleanse you of what those who suppress the Truth say about you.69 And I will make those who follow you surpass those who suppress the Truth, towards the Day of Resurrection.70 And then to Me shall be the return of you all. Then I shall judge between you on matters which you have been disputing.”


Study Notes:

67. That is, at the failure of the plan of the people to kill Jesus on the Cross.

68. This is the plain meaning of the Arabic term mutawaffeeka. But, influenced by the prevalent belief in the return of Jesus to this world at a period near its end, some translators have twisted the plain meaning to connote raising of Jesus alive to Allah for being sent back again to this world later. There is nothing in the Qur’aan to substantiate this belief. At death, every human soul, like Jesus’, is raised to Allah.

69. The suppressors of Truth blaspheme that Jesus, was son of God – His begotten son! The uniquely divine Being of Allah is far, far above the human attribute they give Him. Through the Qur’aan, Allah has cleansed Jesus of that blasphemy.

70. This is a Qur’aanic prediction, which is, by Allah’s Will, gradually but surely in the process of being fulfilled. The real followers of Jesus are those who follow the Qur’aan, and not those who suppress the Truth about him. Despite being viciously denigrated, Islam is the fastest growing Religion today.


The above is an extract from Qur’aanic Studies Manzil I.

Mohammad Shafi



  1. [Please don’t add inline comment within my comments it breaks the sequence]

    Again same follow of Nafs rather then Islam and basic beliefs.
    If you read this aayat with some more understanding, and also tried to read previous and next aayat, you surely not try to divert from basic agreed upon belief of Muslims.

    In aayat 54 Allah(swt) is saying;
    وَمَكَروا وَمَكَرَ اللَّهُ ۖ وَاللَّهُ خَيرُ المـٰكِرينَ
    They planned and Allah planned, indeed Allah is the best planner.

    Will you try to tell what was plan of those disbelievers and what was great plan of Allah(swt).
    Now, there should be a great difference so that we can really say that Allah(swt) is a great planner.
    So, Ahadith told that the plan of disbelievers was to kill Esa(as), and Allah(swt) wanted to keep him(as) live, and hence Allah(swt) raised him to the skies.

    Now come to the quoted aayat, here you believe that the word ‘mutawaffi’ ’متوفي’ means death.
    Man, you know what is root of this word and in which meaning it is used.
    ‘Maut’ ‘موت’ is a separate word for death in Arabic, ‘Mutawaffi’ has root ‘Wafa’ ’وفاء’ which means to fulfill, or to pay back completely. Maut means life gone, while Mutawaffi doesn’t means so. It is also used in Urdu, ‘Wada Wafa kerna’ means to fulfill the agreement. ‘Mutawaffi’ is euphemism ‘كنايه’ rather then exact word as ‘Maut’.
    Because of this reasons Maut is used for all muslims and non-muslims while mutawaffi is used for muslims only.
    I hope now you can understand difference between ‘Maut’ and ‘Mutawaffi’.

    See aayat 57 after your quoted aayat, same word in same way used,
    وَأَمَّا الَّذينَ ءامَنوا وَعَمِلُوا الصّـٰلِحـٰتِ فَيُوَفّيهِم أُجورَهُم ۗ وَاللَّهُ لا يُحِبُّ الظّـٰلِمينَ
    Those who believe and did righteous deeds so He(swt) will give them their reward.

    Now will you translate this word as death here?

    So don’t try to deceive people using twisted meanings.

    When a person dies, what raised to Allah(swt)? Soul, while body is burried.
    Now if meeting or paying back of soul only can be translated with word ‘Mutawaffi’ then why meeting of body and soul both can’t be translated with this word?

    Also, see in your quoted aayat. Allah(swt) is saying that I will surpass those who believe in you, and then you all will return to me.
    Now re-read the word – ‘you all have to return to me’ – Notice that Allah(swt) is talking with Esa(as) and saying that you all will return to me. It means when Allah(swt) will give height to the believers of Esa(as) then they all will return to Allah(swt), and it is also clear evidence that at the time of the height Esa(as) will be among them.

    If you read Ahadith same concept is told, that when Esa(as) will come back then all Christians will believe on him(as) and will fight against Jews, and hence Allah(swt) will give victory to the believers.

    You are falsly trying to create contradiction between aayat and hadith, while Allah(swt) used word ‘كم’ in same aayat and ‘يوفي’ in next aayat so that any false propagenda should be caught within next moment.


    • The word WaFaYa means Complete (11:85; 12:59; 24:39), Fulfill (2:40; 2:177; 3:76; 5:1; 13:20; 22:29; 47:10; 53:37; 76:7), Recompense or Pay (3:57; 4:173; 8:60; 11:15; 11:111; 16:111; 35:30;46:19).

      In 25 occurrences, however, it is used in the form TaWaFa, and in all of them, it means “terminate” or “put to death” or “take the conscious away.” (2:234; 2:240; 3:193; 4:15; 4:97; 6:60-61; 7:37; 7:126; 8:50; 10:46; 10:104; 12:101; 13:40; 16:28; 16:32; 16:70; 22:5; 32:11; 39:42; 40:67; 40:77; 47:27).

      Christ’s consciousness was uploaded to heaven without possibility of return. His enemies did not crucify him but his unconscious but biologically living body.

      St. Paul created a pagan religion based on the absurd concept of “God sacrificing his innocent son, or His third personality, to be able to forgive our sins!” See 4:157. Also, see 2:59; 3:45, 51- 52, 55; 4:11,171; 5:72-79; 7:162; 19:36.

  2. ( Note: Sorry I made some mistakes while typing pls ignore the reference nos of verses mentioned in the last paragraph, it was not relevant to the topic under discussion)

  3. I fully agree Mr. Humayun Rasheed the following verse evoking lifelike images within the mind & leave no doubt:
    And for their saying, :We have certainly killed the Masih lsa, the son of Maryam, the Messenger of Allah , while in fact they did neither kill him, nor crucify him, but they were deluded by resemblance. Those who disputed in this matter are certainly in doubt about it. They have no knowledge of it, but they follow whims. It is absolutely certain that they did not kill him,(4:157)

    But Allah lifted him towards Himself. Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise (158)
    No one will remain from among the People of the Book but will certainly believe in him (Eisa) before he dies, and on the Day of Doom, he shall be a witness against them.
    In the above particular verse the concept of raising becomes quite clear (159) the Verse further confirms that he will die a natural death and those Ehl’e Kitab will believe him & will become Muslims

    I would suggest Mr. Shafi aga should abandon this web site as this is creating confusion rather than guidance Similar confusion is created in Ribaa versus Interest system also

    Mohammad Shafi responds:
    Follow not Humayun, Brother! He may take you to Hell. And follow no man (including me) blindly. Follow only the Qur’aan; for, that is the only unadulterated divine scripture available to mankind. The Arabic word rafaua used in 4.158 is explained in Verse 3.55. Jesus was made to die and then his soul was lifted like any other soul.
    Let us now ponder over Qur’aanic Verses 5.116 & 5.117:
    [5.116] And when Allah will say, “O Jesus, son of Mary! Did you tell mankind to take you and your mother as two gods besides Allah?” He will say, “Glory be to You! I could not say what I had no right to say. If I had said it, You would indeed have known it. You know what is in my mind, and I do not know what is in Your mind. You are indeed the Knower of the things that are unseen.”
    [5.117] “I told them nothing except what You commanded me with – that they should worship Allah, my Lord and their Lord. And I was a witness over them so long as I was among them, but when You caused me to die, You were the Watcher over them, and You are Witness over all things .” (emphasis added)

    The above is a conversation between Allah and Jesus that is to take place on the Judgement Day. Take particular note of the part of Jesus’response to Allah in italics. This part does clearly show that Jesus was unaware that he and his mother were deified by his so-called followers after his departure from this world. If Jesus were to come back again to this world, how could he be unaware of this deification!?

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