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Allah is the Guide

Qur’aanic Verse 2.272:



272. Laysa AAalayka hudahum walakinna Allaha yahdee man yashao wama tunfiqoo min khayrin fali-anfusikum wama tunfiqoona illa ibtighaa wajhi Allahi wama tunfiqoo min khayrin yuwaffa ilaykum waantum la tuthlamoona


272. Guiding them is not your responsibility, but Allah guides whom He pleases.509, 510 And whatever wealth you spend, it is for your own benefit. And you spend not, but to seek Allah’s pleasure. And the wealth, you spend, shall be recompensed to you, and you will not be wronged.


Study Notes:

509. Some Muslims think that even now, over 14 centuries after his death, the Prophet (peace be upon him) still somehow guides every individual of his Ummah. This Verse ought to correct their grievous misconception. I call it grievous because, indulging in such a conception is nothing but shirk. In this, we are following the footsteps of the Christians, who have taken to Jesus (peace be upon him) so much that they have forgotten their God. This Verse categorically tells us that guiding any person to the right path is the exclusive preserve of Allah Almighty. It was so even during the time when the Prophet was living in this world.

510. The Prophet taught the divine Qur’aan to his Ummah, under Allah’s guidance. It was like a good teacher teaching indiscriminately to all pupils in his class. But some pupils learn, and some do not. Likewise the Prophet taught the divine message for the entire mankind; some got guided by the Message, while many did not. Had it been in the power of the Prophet to guide people, he would have guided all without any distinction. It is Allah Who guides whosoever He pleases, to the Straight Path. And Allah has declared that only the pious would receive the guidance from Him.


Mohammad Shafi



  1. You said;
    Some Muslims think that even now, over 14 centuries after his death, the Prophet (peace be upon him) still somehow guides every individual of his Ummah.
    I will say;
    As per my information, it is a lie and no one have this belief.

    Secondly, Prophet(saw) was a good teacher (as you mentioned), so having notes and handouts from a good teacher is a routine matter and that always helps understanding the book, thats why people used to copy them and share with others who want success in understanding the book.
    So, notes of a teacher are nothing but detail about main topics of the book, and anyone who is saying that notes are something other then book it is his ignorance.


    • To treat notes at par with the Book is ignorance indeed!

    • Mr.Humayun You Said.
      So, notes of a teacher are nothing but detail about main topics of the book, and anyone who is saying that notes are something other then book it is his ignorance

      If these NOTES are superceding the Quran or if these NOTES are violating the commands of Allah, Or if these NOTES tells you new rituals what you will do?????????

  2. my dear shaykh Mohammad Shafi,
    salamun ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah

    while i am general agreement with most of your commentaries, in this particular instance, however, i completely disagree with you, simply because i believe you have misinterpreted and misrepresented this essence of this verse (2:272).

    basically, in this verse, Allah, in His Infinite Wisdom, did not place on the Prophet the burden to “guide and change the hearts of people,” — the pre-islamic pagans. “matters of the heart” dealing with “belief and iman” fall under the domain of the Creator. the Messenger was merely tasked “to deliver the message” to people as evidenced by many other verses in the Noble Qur’an, which stated that he was only to deliver the message. his job was not to get the people to believe in it, since their hearts were hardened and they were not agreeable to the over Message. the task of reconciling the hearts of these people fell under Divine Responsibility, that is, the province of the Creator. and that was the basic point in this verse.

    now, for you to classify as “shirk” actions of those, who follow the Prophet’s authentic (not manufactured) sunnah is completely incomprehensible and ridiculous. the concept of shirk is a serious offense, involving associating divinity to others outside the Creator. in this context, i fail to see how you come up with such a spurious claim of shirk, for people who merely follow what they been enjoined on them in the Text, where it is clearly stated over and over again: “to obey the Messenger and to follow his noble example.” in fact, some verses stated emphatically: “obeying the Messenger is akin to obeying Allah.”

    hence, i strongly suggest that you correct your commentary herein simply because you are misrepresenting and misinterpreting this clear, straight-forward verse. if you dont, then you will simply mislead the innocent people who trust your commentaries and your judgment. and while i personally admire and respect your scholarship, i simply cannot condone and ignore this blatant misreading of this Qur’anic verse.

    thank you for allowing me to share these comments.
    may Allah,s subhanahu wa ta’ala, bless and guide for your noble works in His Honor.

    wa salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah.
    mohamad k yusuff
    washington, dc/USA

    Mohammad Shafi responds:
    First of all let me make it perfectly clear that we humans are all prone to error. Only Allah is free from this defect.
    But in the instant case please tell me where my mistake lies. I am saying the same thing as you are. You say that guiding (changing one’s mind to accept Islam) is the exclusive prerogative of Allah Almighty. And I am saying the same thing! Now if someone is giving the credit therefor to the Prophet, is it not shirk?

  3. Muslims need to understand that these so-called “notes” are NOT from the Prophet himself—but from a mullah who took them from another mullah who took them from yet another mullah. This “note-taking” thing goes all the way 1100 years back to Bukhari and Co–who happened to be still 200-250 years away from the Prophet! How trustworthy can these “notes” be? Calling these fabricated fairy tales “Notes from the Prophet” is height of stubbornness to insist on something that makes no sense. It has absolutely no value in the world of reason.

  4. Dear Agha Sahib,
    I completely agree with your commentary on 2:272 as well as your statement “Now if someone is giving the credit therefore to the Prophet, is it not shirk?”, in that, anything OTHER than the Qur’an that is considered “Divine Guidance” is manifest SHIRK! There can’t be two opinions about it. Can the author of the “Notes” tell me, where he got the notes from and from whom? Did he get thes “notes” form the Prophet himself? Or, did he get them from someone who met, talked to, sat with, and lived his life with the Prophet (sws)? The BIG question br. Yousuff and million others keep missing and avoiding answering is exactly this very concept of “notes” or “prophetic explanation of the Qur’an”! Where on earth can we find “prophet’s notes”??? Did Allah do (ma’azallah) a naïve job on His eternal guidance to mankind that He guaranteed His manifest and clear Message in the form of the immutable Qur’an, calling it “completely detailed (6:114), inter alia), and yet He (ma’azallah) forgot to give us a hint as to where we can find “Prophet’s notes” or “Prophet’s manual” or the so-called “Prophet’s Hadith and Sunnah”? I, being a scientist, have never seen a machine which does not come with a manual as to how to use it. So, I would expect that there must have been some “manual/notes” clearly coming with it with clear proofs as to who wrote that manual or who wrote those notes. The fact is that if one uses the Qur’an—or the “machine” in my crude example—one can learn, not by some “manual” but by “hands-on experience”. This is how Allah designed his “machine”. All we need is to read it with a sincere heart, reflect upon it and then, most importantly, act upon it. I must say that we can read all the tafaseer and the hadith stories etc, and even learn something from them , but we CANNOT call them “Divine Guidance” or “following the Messenger” because we have no proof that these “notes” are actually from the Prophet himself. In other words, a hadith can ONLY be “probably true” or “most likely true” but it can NEVER be AUTHENTIC”!!! The use of the word “AUTHENTIC” for the “hearsay stories (Hadith/Sunnah) is very unfortunate, because it betrays its very purport. In order for something to be authentic, we must have a definitive proof. In fact, calling any of the hadith AUTHENTIC and dubbing it as a “part of the deen of Islam” is not only mockery of the divinely authentic Qur’an but, as you so rightly said, a clear SHIRK which, unfortunately, most of us guilty of doing everyday of our lives!

  5. 2/272 Sura Al baqara
    It is not your resonsibility to guide those people(Your duty is to convey 5/99) And Allah provides guidance to that person who wants to get that himself and (O’believers to enable the needy people to stand on their own feet) what ever you will spend that is for your self(for your own people). You do not spend but for the will of Allah. Any thing you spend(give loan to the society) will be returned back to you completely. You will not be wronged.

  6. Sura Al Haaqa
    40 —48

    40- And these sayings are being spoken(and conveyed to you) by our most respectable messenger.
    41—42 He is conveying are Our command to you. These are not the saying of a poet or soothsayer’s guesswork.(This certainly is Allah’s Wahi.)There are however, very few who use their intellect and logic to ponder it; and believe in the truthfulness of these sayings and adopt them as Divine Code.
    43 This Quran has been revealed from the Almighty, Who is the sustainer of all the nations of the world.(The objective is that by following this code people should nourish and develop their selves.)
    44-46 There is no mixture of human ideas in the Wahi of Allah.If the Rasool /messenger had ever dared to attribute some(of His own)saying unto Us, we have indeed seized his firmly by his right hand and deprived him of his ability and power to act. We would never have allowed his program to progress, and would have made his faculties ineffective and his plans lifeless4- None of you would have been able to stop Us from doing so.

    Keeping in view of the above reference from the Quran. Can any one still believe the Ahadees are still important to follow

    • Jazak Allah.

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