Posted by: mjaga | April 20, 2011

Fight in Allah’s Path

Qur’aanic Verse 4.84:



84. Faqatil fee sabeeli Allahi la tukallafu illa nafsaka waharridi almu/mineena AAasa Allahu an yakuffa ba/sa allatheena kafaroo waAllahu ashaddu ba/san waashaddu tankeelan


84. Fight, then, in Allah’s Path. You will be beld responsible for none but you yourself, and exhort the believers. It may be that Allah will contain the power of those who suppress the Truth. And Allah is the strongest in power and the most severe in giving punishment.55


Study Note:

55. Although this Verse apparently addressed the Prophet while he was leading the believers on a battlefield, it continues to address every believer, in all situations of the on-going struggle in Allah’s Path, till the Last Day. The struggle need not necessarily be in a field of battle. The struggle has to be waged in all walks of life. The Satan is ever vigilant to see to it that his friends among mankind go on laying roadblocks on the Allah-laden Straight Path. A believer has to struggle to remove those roadblocks. And in this struggle, he is responsible for none else but his own self, although he may from time to time urge others to keep to the Straight Path come what may. The obstacles on the Path won’t be insurmountable, as the believer is assured of Allah’s help. He should have an unshakeable faith in Him.


Mohammad Shafi



  1. This is the true spirit diverted and lost somewhere since 100s of ahadith injected to change the pace of this spirit including the one I have already quoted. May Allah guide us.

  2. Sura An Nisaa 4/84
    So ‘O’ messenger (Salam un Alaih) keep on fighting to help the oppressed people (4/75) and defending the country (22/39) in the way of Allah. You will not be held responsible for none but for yourself. Always stress the believers for fighting in the way of Allah( To keep them trained for the battlefield.)
    It may be quite near Allah stops the fight from the people who have denied the Code of Life ( revealed from Allah) ( They may put down their arms.)In reality Allah is very hard for fighting and very hard to stop the fighting.

  3. Dear brother
    In the light of above surah can we say If Pakistan Tehreek a Insaf is asking government to stop drown hamlay it is rightious action and we all should cooperate with Imran Khan.

    Mohammad Shafi responds:
    I am not conversant with Pak politics. You know it better. So use your own discretion in the matter & do whatever little you yourself can in the light of Qur’aanic instructions. Eschew any violent activity. I do not think any such activity would be justified in this context.

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