Posted by: mjaga | April 12, 2011

A Beautiful Simile

Qur’aanic Verse 2.265:



265. Wamathalu allatheena yunfiqoona amwalahumu ibtighaa mardati Allahi watathbeetan min anfusihim kamathali jannatin birabwatin asabaha wabilun faatat okulaha diAAfayni fa-in lam yusibha wabilun fatallun waAllahu bima taAAmaloona baseerun


265. And simile of those who spend their worldly possessions seeking Allah’s pleasure, and out of their own inner conviction, is a garden situated on a high ground: when heavy rain falls on it, it doubles its produce; if not a heavy rain, even a drizzle would do.500 And Allah is watching what you do.


Study Note:

500. A garden situated on a high ground does not get inundated with water, and thus get its yield badly affected. When heavy rain falls, the extra water flows down to lower lands around, while rain water falling in a drizzle gets absorbed in the soil of the garden. Thus the garden does get sufficient water for its needs, in either case. Likewise, in the cases of those who spend in Allah’s cause, the extra wealth that they get goes to needy persons. They (those who spend) are thus spared of any chance of getting inundated with wealth and getting spoiled thereby.


Mohammad Shafi


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