Posted by: mjaga | April 1, 2011

Allah Does Respond

Qur’aanic Verse 2.186:



186. Wa-itha saalaka AAibadee AAannee fa-innee qareebun ojeebu daAAwata alddaAAi itha daAAani falyastajeeboo lee walyu/minoo bee laAAallahum yarshudoona


186. And when my devotees ask for Me, I am indeed close to them. I respond to the call of a caller, when he calls Me. Let them then respond to Me and believe in Me, so that they tread the right path.311

Study Note:

311. Here’s yet another prescription given by the Merciful Allah to keep mankind on the Straight Path. They have just sincerely to believe in Him and abide by all the divine Commands given in the Qur’aan! But, alas! Exercising the freedom of choice given to us, we, Muslims, just don’t do that. As a result we have fallen into ignominy in this world and face the prospect of an everlasting painful doom in the Hereafter.


Mohammad Shafi



  1. Salam
    a message that has come for me at the right time,may be Allah’s sign for me
    if we break HIS law ,we face hardship and sorrow.
    but HE forgives if we promise to stay at the right path with HIS help alone,Inshallah
    keep me and my fly in your prayers always.
    i too pray for you and fly.

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