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The Signs

Qur’aanic Verse 2.164:



164. Inna fee khalqi alssamawati waal-ardi waikhtilafi allayli waalnnahari waalfulki allatee tajree fee albahri bima yanfaAAu alnnasa wama anzala Allahu mina alssama-i min ma-in faahya bihi al-arda baAAda mawtiha wabaththa feeha min kulli dabbatin watasreefi alrriyahi waalssahabi almusakhkhari bayna alssama-i waal-ardi laayatin liqawmin yaAAqiloona


164. Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, in the contrast between the day amd the night, in the ship that sails on the sea with things beneficial to mankind, in what Allah sends down of water from the sky bringing the earth back to life after it was dead, in every kind of animals dispersed therein, in the winds changing their directions, and in the clouds under divine control between the sky and the earth, are compelling signs for people who make use of their intelligence.264 to 268


Study Notes:

264. A study of the Qur’aan reveals that the Messengers who came before Muhammad (peace be upon them all), were given some extraordinary signs to convince people of the existence of an absolute solitary Power controlling the entire Universe and also to convince them of the Messengers being the really authorised ones from that Power. The earlier Messengers came when the level of general knowledge among the people was low. Their (people’s) knowledge therefore needed to be supplemented by divinely given ‘miracles’. But the last Messenger, Muhammad, came at the threshold of an era in which human knowledge would proliferate. The proliferation of human knowledge, combined with the divinely endowed human intelligence, became sufficient for people to recognise the Absolute Solitary Power. The supplement of ‘miracles’ was no more needed. The people are now in a position to recognize the Power from the signs that abound in Nature.

265. This divine exhortation made in this Verse for study of Natural phenomena, moreover, imbibed the scientific spirit, of reason and research, in the minds of the believers. Consequently, a number of thinkers in various fields like medicine, mathematics, physics, astronomy, literature etc. arose in the Muslim world, who were instrumental in laying the foundation of the scientific renaissance that the world is witnessing today. It was from the works of those great Muslim scientists and thinkers of the middle Ages that the Western world got the basics to develop from. And it makes one sad to think that while the Westerners built the scientific edifice of the modern world on the foundation laid by the Muslims, the Muslim world itself lost the scientific spirit with the weakening of their Faith in the Qur’aan!

266. ‘The creation of the heavens and the earth’ is the first Aayat (Sign) referred to in this divine Verse. And we have already seen in Chapter Notes 20 and 21 how the seven layers of the earth’s atmosphere have been meticulously and correctly designed to act as a protective shield and a provider of sustenance for all living creatures on the earth. Only an unreasonable fool would dismiss this wonderfully exquisite arrangement as a mere accident of nature. And then we have this mind-boggling spectacle of innumerable heavenly bodies floating in their respective orbits with such mathematical precision that they never bump into one another accidentally. We cannot but marvel at the Power Who no doubt made all this possible – consciously and purposefully. It would be irrational and unscientific for anyone to think of it as a mere accident in nature.

267. As regards the other Signs mentioned in the Verse, the night following the day in every 24-hour cycle in time is an obvious provision made for rest, without which human life is impossible to be sustained. Further, had it not been for the facility of navigation by sea, transport of tonnes and tonnes of merchandise from one part of the world to another wouldn’t have been easy. Had it not been for the periodic rains, there wouldn’t be the recurring stock of vegetable products necessary for sustenance of any kind of life on earth. One who ponders deeply can easily detect that some Extraordinarily Intelligent Power is guiding the directions of the cloud-bearing winds to bring rains to regions, as desired by that Unseen Power. The sprouting of vegetation on dry earth after a rainfall, moreover, provides an indication that human life could likewise be resurrected even after death.

268. With my limited knowledge, I have barely touched on the immense significances of the Signs mentioned in this Verse. Persons with adequate knowledge and resources could write volumes and volumes on the significances – and on the sciences – of these Signs. All these Signs, however, unmistakenly point to the Hidden Hand of the Supremely Super Power.


Mohammad Shafi



  1. Today science has advanced (or degraded!) to such a state, that “supposedly best” scientifically trained brain in Stephen Hawking’s head, believes that the Big Bang was the result of the inevitable laws of physics and did not need God to spark the creation of the Universe.

    He believes that now as the scientists have come up with the “M-theory”, the behaviour of all fundamental particles and force, and even the account for the very birth of the universe, can all be adequately described and therefore all religious accounts of creation can be replaced. (Nauzubillah !!)
    He believes that the way the universe began was determined by laws of science and says that if you like, you can call these laws of science ‘God’. This “intelligent” being needs more “Signs” than just those mentioned in the post above.

    Despite being aware of the thin boundary between a scientific bent of mind and Atheism, 99% of the educated muslims all over the world subscribe to the notion that scientific advancement is “progress” and ignore the fact that by doing so, raises the possibilty of endangering islam’s own founding principle of a single Allmighty God’s existence and His control.

    Why do we continue to lay stress on excelling in modern sciences, top jobs, money etc.. to our growing children? This is only to please, in the best way possible, our basic instints for “food”, “fame” and ….? Our indulgance in various means/pursuits/ games/ academics to become better than the other, has gone so far that we forgot that we need to excel in “TAQWA” and without showing it off, too !! Any comments ??

    Mohammad Shafi responds:
    Stephen Hawking is no God. Physically, he is a complete wreck. And the Satan is working on his mind to mislead mankind. He is thus a fitna – a grave test for Muslims’ eemaan. Those who treat his writings as the gospel truth have clearly gone outside the pail of Islam. But this does not mean Muslims should abandon scientific studies. They should on the other hand pursue such studies vigorously to prove the Stephen Hawkings of this world wrong. Truth is bound to prevail & falsehood perish.

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