Posted by: mjaga | March 20, 2011

Wishing for Long Life

Qur’aanic Verse 2.96:



96. Walatajidannahum ahrasa alnnasi AAala hayatin wamina allatheena ashrakoo yawaddu ahaduhum law yuAAammaru alfa sanatin wama huwa bimuzahzihihi mina alAAathabi an yuAAammara waAllahu baseerun bima yaAAmaloona


96. And you will indeed find them129 to be persons greedy for life – more so even than the polytheists! Every one of them longs for a life of a thousand years. But no long life can serve as a saviour for him/her from the punishment. And Allah is vigilant over all they do.130

Study Notes:

129. This Qur’aanic Verse is in continuation of a narrative about the Jews.  The pronoun ‘them’ here therefore stands for the Jews.

130. Here’s some more food for thought for the Muslims of today. Aren’t we ourselves, likewise, greedy for long lives? We do pray to Allah to grant us long lives. But for what purpose? If we search our minds honestly, we may find that the purpose is mostly mundane in nature – to gain and enjoy some worldly benefits! We tend to forget that our Creator has granted us a fixed span of life in this world. We tend to forget the Hereafter. We tend to forget that the life in this world is only a test, a trial. It’s a test to see if we are worthy of happiness in the Hereafter. And if our desire for longer life is only for enjoying some illusory fruits of this world, chances are, we may end up worsening our prostpects for the everlasting Hereafter!


Mohammad Shafi


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